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I may be coming back + an update


Surgically happy.
Hi folks,

Been a long time since I was active but I bet a few of you may remember me.

I'm here procrastinating instead of writing my wedding speech (I'm getting married in 20 days) but also trying to plan ahead.

For those who don't remember me, I could be both an inspiration (I lost 155lbs - see the first picture in my signature) and a cautionary tale (but then I re-gained over 60lbs).

Currently I'm aiming to lose 63lbs or so (though my wife to be thinks I'm aiming to lose half that). I expect to gain in around 3 weeks time, for obvious reasons.

I've already arranged with my old LL counsellor to come back 2 weeks after I get back from Honeymoon. In the meantime I'm trying to lose as much as I can before the wedding to ensure that I don't do too much damage. I'm swimming 3 times a week and being as sensible as I can.

To quote your average old, fat, bald police captains from any number of american buddy/cop movies "I'm getting too old for this &^%*".

I feel quite past the abuses I've committed on my stomach - I'm resigned but yet hopeful that I can return and stick to, both LL and then the following healthy lifestyle required to stay near my goal weight. I've been through a lot in the last year - and I let myself slide - something people should never do. We're planning a family and I want a full and active part in that.

But I've kept most of the healthy approaches to life, and my lifestyle, something I've never done before. I've gained because I've sometimes given myself a free pass for a few weeks at a time, a few times a year - but for the rest of the year, maintained where I was.

Anyway, hope to see some familiar faces (and I hope they're all still lovely and thin!). Maybe if I'd stuck around, I'd have been able to get over certain things quickly. But you know what men are like....
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Loves to post
Good luck with the Wedding and the restart!! :):) xx
Hi Andy,
Congratulations on the forthcoming nuptials. :love047:
You'll be welcome back, you know that - and we need some guys - it's a bit of a female environment at the mo.
We love hearing about weddings you know. Where are you going for your honeymoon?


Gold Member
Hi Andy
Nice to hear from you
Congrats on your wedding - not long to go!
i'm still about - 1 week into abstinence having put 2 stone back on.
Definately come back on here - and I'm looking forward to some wedding pics!
Daisy x


Silver Member
I remember you. Cracking good work to loose so much and commendations for comming back before it got too out of hand with the weight gain. I think maintinence and damage limitation are going to be the key for ongoing weight management for me as well.

Fabulous news on the wedding.

Good luck on the restart xx


Making it all add up
Hi Andy

Welcome back to the fold, good luck with the pre-wedding losses and obviously the Wedding itself :)
Hi Andy

You have made the hard decision to come back. I am new to the boards and the diet and can already see how helpful and supportive everyone is.

Goos luck on the next part of your journey.



...we're sinking deeper.
Well, look at all the old timers crawling out!! :eek:

Welcome back Andy!! I'm so inspired by you keeping most of it all off - I know you've had your struggles, but seems you've come out on top ;) Congratulations on the Wedding !! Your OH is a lucky lady. :)

I know you can do it, we're all here to support you.

Where is the honeymoon btw? :D


Surgically happy.
Thanks folks :)

Honeymoon is in the lakes at a posh hotel - we decided to go somewhere luxurious for a few days rather than cheap for a couple of weeks.

Found out today there is a high chance of being made redundant at work, so LL could end up falling by the wayside - so fingers crossed I keep my job a little longer!
I went to the Sharrow Bay once - amazing experience, but my ex managed to ruin it by starting a huge row!
Oh well, that's history, but such a wasted opportunity.
Good luck with the job situation Andy.


Surgically happy.
I'm definitely coming back - just waiting to hear if they'll let me start this thursday instead of next. Either way, I'm on slimfast at the moment, and giving up coke, to try to make it easier to switch to LL (especially the coke).

Wedding and honeymon went fab and will share pictures later. I'm on facebook for anyone who wants to add me (Andrew Duffy).

I want to lose about 6 more stone (am a bit over 17st at the moment).

Good to see a rat back too
Can't wait to see the pics.
Welcome back Andy
Best of luck with your re-start. I have to say that I missed the Diet Coke whilst I was on abstinence so I understand you weaning yourself off! Good luck x
Lovely Avatar pic Irene. xx:)

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