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I messed up!!!

Ok so I got to day 4 - ONLY DAY 4 - and I ate food!!!! Im useless!!!! my boyfriend came over and I had a mini portion of his tea and there was a chocolate bar in the house too and I had that!! I am so so so upset!!

Ive ruined it before I even properly started!!!!

Nobody else seems to have slipped up on this diet at all - whats wrong with me????

Weigh in tomorrow so we will see how much damage I have done!! :cry:
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Well it's done now, NOBODY is perfect put it behind you try and get your head back in the zone and work out why you want to loose weight, at the end of the day compare the last 4 days on LT compared with what you would have eaten off the diet, I'm sure that will make a loss it'll just take a little longer to get into Ketosis, hope this helps!!


Eyes on the Prize!!
You won't be the only person to have slipped up. Just think "oh bum" and then pick yourself up and carry on.

Day four for me was the hardest. I ended up running into the kitchen and making a cheese sandwich!! I then devoured it like I was some I kind of maniac!!

I felt really bad but I knew that I couldnt let that stop me from doing what I know I really wanted which is to lose weight.

So I took one day at a time and each successful day made me feel so much better. My first weigh in was a loss of 9lbs even with my slip up. This did more to motivate me as I thought I can do this and I dont ever want to feel that low again.

There will always be good days and bad days but in the end the good days will win over. You will begin to have pride in your achievements. Four days in is soooo hard. Just think it was a booboo and you dont ever want to feel like that again and use that to keep you going when the cravings drive you nuts!!

In the first week I really thought I would lose it because I was obsessed with food!! I really didnt think I could do this and never thought I had will power. But now I am in week 6 and feel that I might just do this!! Actually no I feel I will do this!!

So many others on here have shown that it can be done. Look at the inspirational slide show to keep you going. It works for me when I feel low.

You may not believe it but you will be able to resist. I sat and watched my OH have a steak sandwich and skinny fries and I felt so chuffed that I didnt have any. Not only that but he had a huge eclair afterwards!! Funny thing was his expressions. He looked like he wasnt enjoying it and he felt so guilty!! Poor love I really wasnt bothered! I NEVER would have believed it in the first week.

Hang in there. You CAN do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
just remember how you feel after messing up and then compare that with how you feel without food and decide which you prefer, I think you will find the feeling of messing up is much worse than the feeling of going without :}
At least next time you think about eating food you can think back to this moment and how it made you feel. Everyone makes mistakes, its when we lay down and take it and not stand back up and fight that it becomes a problem :)

You'll get there. Stick at it!
Thanks so much for your replies everyone!! Im really going to try and stick to it - I will stick to it! You have all given me some motivation!!!

Thanks again and good luck to everyone!! xxxx
go on girl its better to stumble a little when ur learning to talk than to crash when ur running ay. step by step

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