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I miss peanut butter... would this work?

Since starting SW properly in March, I have hardly had any peanut butter cos it's pretty high in syns.

I just had an idea, that I could make a Scan bran cake and maybe mix in 1 tbspn of peanut butter to flavour the cake. Do you think that would work? Or maybe 2 tbspn to get a bit more of the flavour?

Then I thought a quark and options topping would make it really scrummy, a bit like a Snickers!!

Do you think it would work?

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I ate my willpower!
Shouldn't see why not. Have a little experiment and see!


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I'm a fan of peanut butter too if fact i'm a fan of any type of nuts, really miss them. Sounds a good idea why not try it - how many syns is 1 Tbls?


I ate my willpower!
I'm a fan of peanut butter too if fact i'm a fan of any type of nuts, really miss them. Sounds a good idea why not try it - how many syns is 1 Tbls?
It's 4 syns per tbsp. Pretty hefty!
I have before mixed 1 tbsp of PB into some quark and had it on ryvita. Kept the peanut butter taste but the tablespoon went a lot further!! I have also had it on toast and it was yummy.


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I miss it too - I love PB loads. Sounds like a plan - let us know how it goes x
I hope you try it and let us know.
I spend loads of my syns on the little packets of salted peanuts. I have one most days (8.5 syns per packet)
I'd definitely try the cake if it was yummy.
I didnt know it was 4 syns for a tbl spn - thanks for that.
I didnt know u cud buy low fat PB either is that 4 syns too.
Where do u buy it from please?


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I would try and mix the peanut butter in with something more fluid first and then add it to the mix or you might struggle to get it to stir into the rest of the cake... Let us know how you get on! Peanut Butter totally rocks.
perhaps make a plain chick pea syn free vanilla cake or similar (I know there is lots of debates about whether chick pea cake etc is free, but it is all made from free foods and regardless how it is eaten I am still going to count it is free while I continue to lose weight) and spread it on top of the cake like an icing, 3 tablespoons of peanut butter would only make 12 syns for the whole cake which would make 3 syns a slice if you cut the cake into quarters. You could perhaps even mix it with a bit of quark to make it go further.
Oh I love melted PB on a nice piece of white toast... ah memories...
Ah... it's been too long!!!

Well, I tried the cake. Just a normal Scan Bran cake mixture, with 2 tbspns of low fat peanut butter.

To be honest, it wasn't really worth the syns (8 syns for the cake) as you couldn't really taste the peanut butter that much. I think other cakes I have made with mincemeat, honey or ginger have had a better flavour.

Also I tried a slice with chocolate quark mixture, and that completely drowned out the peanut flavour.

So, back to the drawing board!


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Maybe if you made the scanbran cake, split it and used the PB as a filling you would taste it better, or spread it on top. Just a thought. I do miss PB too. xxx

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