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I missed Atkins!


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Hi all - how is everyone? I've been away with work and back online after a few days off.

I'd done 2 weeks of induction and worried that the weight loss was too slow, but in the past week of carb-eating, something strange happened - I missed Atkins! Ok I only lost a pound in week 2 but it's better than nothing, and I felt better than on low calorie only! My stomach also felt a lot worse in the non-Atkins week - guess my body just doesn't love bread, even if my mind does!

So after a couple of boiled eggs (and multiminerals) for brekkie, I'm ready to go! Look forward to catching up with everything here!

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Welcome back, Hooya! I think it's very common to just have a 1lb loss in the second week or even STS, it's your body balancing out the rapid loss in the first week. Tbh I'd be happy with a 1lb loss per week, as long as you're losing and you're still enjoying the diet then you will eventually get to goal. Good luck with it!
Welcome back Hooya! My body is the same with bread! I love it but my tummy doesn't and goes all bloaty and painful on me when i eat it, especially with the white stuff.. Good luck for your first day back on the atkins wagon
welcome back. I've lost 7 pounds the first week of induction but I dont expect another 7 pounds for the next week. I'll be happy with a 2 pound loss for next week. But I will say that I usually dont have a problem with losing weight once I stick to it. The last time I did atkins I lost 30 pounds in one month and 20 the next. So it all depends on your body and metabolism and etc.. hang in there it does work.
Also I will note that I'm active. I go hiking and mountain climbling and that helps also.


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Thanks all! I had such a hectic day at work, but felt so much better minus the carbs! I didn't get the whole feel bad, then energy surge thing last time, I just generally feel better once I ditch the bread etc.. I am already vowing to celebrate my small weight losses instead of grumbling 'cos I'm impatient! :eek:


Please bear in mind that according to your BMI you are smack bang in the middle of the "Normal" catagory and the weight you are aiming for will take you to the lower end of normal.

Therefore I suspect any losses, regardless of diet will be slow and steady as your body will fight to preserve it's status quo. Large losses are typically easier when you have plenty to lose.
That's very true. The closer you are to your goal weight and hitting that normal range of BMI the harder it is..

Hang in there any loss is a loss. Whether it's 1 pound or 1/2 a pound. Also dont forget inches..


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Thanks folks - too true that my body is trying to preserve the status quo! I go through phases where I'm happy at this weight, but right now I'd like to be a bit thinner (and fit into some lovely clothes that I can't quite zip up :eek:)

Still, day 3 and feeling good :D

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