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I MUST have learned something!


Happy in my own skin
I've just had the worst week I think I've had since I started my LL journey.

I've been having ongoing dental treatment for the last few months (mostly cosmetic) and then a few weeks ago I developed pain. It's still not resolved despite a few fillings, a root treatment, a dental hospital visit and a weekend of non stop nerve pain. Added to that my mother in law had a fall in the early hours of this morning. She has fractured her collar bone and badly injured her knee and had to go into theatre this afternoon. Thankfully she seems to be doing well. Then my son's best friend found his dad dead last night at home in the bathroom. A terrible thing for the poor boy and my son has been quite shaken by it. I think it's the first person he has known that's died.

Given that I started back on packs this week to lose a wee half stone I've put on since I finished RTM, I've not once felt like turning to food. Ok, maybe that's a lie, maybe when I was making a friend lunch today the smell of the bagel was tempting. However, emotionally, I've not felt the need for extra/inappropriate food the way I would have done in the past. I would have taken comfort in forcing the feelings down and denying them, while telling myself I deserved it.

I think this LL stuff might just work!!!!!

I love LL!
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Crickey Mort, what a terrible time for all of you to deal with. Great that it hasn't sent you running for the comfort food.
By George- I think you've got it.


Happy in my own skin
Thank you ladies. Well things are not much better on the tooth front, despite another dental visit. I'm thinking now I just want the tooth out. That alone means I don't want to eat!!


Happy in my own skin
Just a little update from me.

I've just completed 2 weeks of abstinence. Did not find it hard at all, but I'm putting that down to dental disasters that meant I was not best placed to eat anyway. So I managed to lose 9lb, not the greatest loss but it's brought me back into my happy box weight wise and my BMI back to 21...:)

I'm now doing the 10 day reintroduction to food. I'm hoping not to put any weight on in the next 10 days while I do this mini RTM, but we will see.

Hope Jo and Daisy are doing well too.....let me know guys how you're getting on.
Hi there
Well done you
I'm doing fine too cheers!

I am having 2 bars and 2 packs a day most days.

A couple of times I have salad leaves and salmon

On monday I had 3 packs then tapas and a glass of red wine

So, am not sticking 100%. I was still in ketosis on saturday, and I didn't suffer hunger or anything Tuesday after eating the evening before.

I was 9lb down in 11 days on saturday at weigh in.

I'm finding it easy as the pressure is not on, if I want to eat i will, but atm can switch straight back on to packs.

I think I will try and keep this going at least til I break up on the 23rd then re-assess and maybe do the 10 day intro programme to take me into my holiday

let us know how it goes for you
daisy x


Happy in my own skin
Hi Daisy,

Well done. it's great when you can get into that head-space that nothing really knocks you off, even if you do decide to eat, it's not the all or nothing mentality it used to be.

I'm on day 4 of mini RTM and doing fine. Though I had a mixed up day yesterday, did not get home until after 10 and still had my meal and a pack to have. Decided to just have the pack as I was not that hungry anyway. Weight has stayed the same so far...fingers crossed. It's gone 5pm tonight and I've just realised I should be on 2 meals today, so have quickly had some salad veg with salmon and will have another meal later on, probably salad with mackrel. Like before I'm totally craving fish. I missed it so much in abstinence. Tomorrow will be a tester as I'm going out to dinner, but I can add in starchy veg etc. I think I can also have a glass of wine.....wooohooo.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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