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I must stick to it this time - newbie here.

Hi all,

Hope you don't mind me joining you... I started on Exante yesterday. I did Cambridge Diet a couple of years ago and got half way to my goal by loosing 3 stone but lost my will power and have slowly regained (well not so slowly really!!) So this time I am in it for the win. I desperately want a baby but know I need to shed the pounds first, I am not getting any younger though so time to get cracking.

How are you guys finding Exante? I have been looking through your posts and they are really inspirational. Wish me luck - as I do to each of you!!!! Exante seems to be pretty new - are you finding it gives you good results??

Thanks for taking the time to read this and well done for all the progress you have made so far x
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Hi enoughisenough

I'm a relative newbie as only just into my 6th week on Exante but lost 24lb in the first four weeks (didn't weigh myself at end of week 5 but would like to have lost antoher 7lb by the end of week 6 fingers crossed).

I like Exante because unlike many of the other vlcds I can order online and don't have to go to any meetings to get my foodpacks. I wasn't sure what to expect when I started but I like the shakes - a bit bland - but I really like the vanilla and banana. Of the soups I like the vegetable and mushroom but not too keen on the others. The cereal bars are OK if I need a nibble in the day but I'm not a big fan of them. I thought there would probably be some of the foodpacks that I wouldn't be keen on but I guess I wanted to do this so much I'd accepted that I'd get on with it whatever.

Although I have said there are a few of the products I'm not keen on I'm not knocking it as it's all personal taste and I've found my groove with what I do like.

My OH sits and eats his usual dinner in the evening and although I often "that smells nice" or " I'd like that" I've never wavered. For me the time was right in my head to do this. I'd been getting bigger but couldn't seem to get a grip of my eating and I'd started to feel really distressed about it. I'd started to hate going out as I felt gross and I'd started to really fret about where it had all end. I'd never heard of Exante but I had heard of LL so I went to an information session and although I didn't like the idea of having to attend the sessions each week I was prepared to just to get a real grip of my eating. The LL counsellor said she had a session staring 2 weeeks later so I duly went off to get my medical form filled in and waited to get a call to confirm the start time. When I heard nothing I called the counsellor and left a message. Eventually someone called me and when I said I was waiting for a start time for foundation the following sunday I was told that there weren't any foundations starting only LLlite. I was gutted as I was so ready to start. Later that evening feeling absolutely furious as well as very let down I started searching on th einternet for another answer and that's when I found Exante. That was on a thursday evening and I started the following monday. Interestingly enough I have never received a call from the LL counsellor to this day. But I'm now very glad about that. Exante is more cost effective, I don't have to drag off to a meeting on a sunday and I'm still getting the benefits of a vlcd. If the LL foodpacks contained liquid gold I wouldn't touch it now with a barge pole.

Thanks to this site I knew I might feel a bit lousy at sometime in the first week so when I did I knew to give it a couple days and let it pass. One of the biggest helps for me has been Quak who you probably have seen offers a lot of support and has achieved an incredible amount.

Now I can see my clothes getting looser and I'm having to dig out belts I feel like I'm really making headway.

I've gone on a bit here so sorry about that but I really do wish you every success and I'll look forward to hearing how you're getting on.

Julie :D
Hi enoughisenough - and welcome to the wonderful world of Exante :D
My story is that I was heading fast towards 50 and over 17 stone and not liking it at all. Decision made - all I had to do was pick the diet and could not afford LL so I thank goodness for the internet as I gave me Exante and 16 weeks and over 4 stone later here I am. The weird thing is I have found it incredibly easy - maybe because in my head I was ready for it - who knows - but I am grateful for it :D

You will feel a bit ropey the first few days but once you get into ketosis your hunger will drop to manageable levels and you will start to feel better, headaches should ease off and I found that I started to sleep better than I had in years. I used to drink a lot as I thought it helped me sleep but now I know it helped me get to sleep but gave me unsettled sleep which left me very tired during the day so it was not the answer, and I worried about not drinking but am finding that much easier than I ever expected too.

I enjoy all the products but save the veg soup and choc shake for weekends as a treat! Recently started using psyllium husks as I was having problems going to the loo and it has certainly helped. The only problem I have had other than that is being cold - which is a complete turn around for me as I was always warm before, so it is quite unusual/interesting to experience it lol.

If you have any questions please ask, I am on here most evenings and lunchtimes during the week and at weekends when I am not out at the pub (drinking soda of course) - we will give you as much help and support as we can.

Very good luck with it - YOU CAN DO IT!
Bren xx

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