i nearly gave up


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I can't believe it!! I nearly gave up yesterday i felt so rough and it was the wrong time of the month to even start a diet, but yesterday all i craved were carbs carbs and carbs. I felt like i was going mad arguring with that nasty voice in my head lol.

Today i feel better and i weighed myself this morning and since i started (monday) i have lost 7lbs:eek:

With that 7lbs weight lost has made me more determind to carry on like i am and that is sticking to my CD SS.

If i have lost 2 stone by xmas i will allow myself to have a bit of turkey and veg. And if i have lost more than 2 1/2 stone i am going to enjoy the new years eve party and then get straight back on track on the 1st of Jan.

Since being on this diet i haven't had to take my antibiotic pills for my spots that was caused by stress and i hate to say it, bad diet, nearly all my spots have gone and my psorasis has cleared up a lot.
Hi Jo

Really glad you got through yesterday and are having an easier day today. Roll on that slinky black number on New Years Eve!

Big Congratulations on the 7Lbs too!!!!!

Dizzy x