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I need a break from this:


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I hope that stopping now, going up the steps daily will not cause too many problems. I need a break from this and carry on losing weight in my own way (as I have before). I only started this diet as I thought that the loss would be quick... I have been successful before and hope that I will be able to stick to a 1000 kcal diet whilst building up exercise.

Not only is it that I need a break (and not in need of a binge) but the cost is getting to the family.

Please can I have your support so that I can do this the easiest and quickest way??
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Everyone here will support you no matter what you do!
Is it more financially viable to only have 1/2 a day (cheaper) rather than giving it up completely? the higher packages still make you lose weight, and you would have more energy for the gym.

I hope there is an option for you hun and you do just as well on your own if thats the way you end up going xxxxxxx
You seem to have been thinking a while about this. Whatever you chose to do, it will be the right thing for you. dont lose the determination through it all. If you need a break , that is a personal thing. you have my support. why should you do a diet that you really are not comfortable with, in the long run it will only lead to negative thoughts and resentment, maybe even giving up on yourself. you should be fine on 1000 a day. good luck, I fully understand your feelings


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gosh, im glad im not the only one who feels like this! im thinking of having a break to find my motivation again, rather than struggling on and sabotaging myself and making myself feel rubbish.

defo have my support:)


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Big hugs Penny. I think that CD isn't right for everybody, and you have tried, and soul-searched, and tried different plans, and still found it doesn't really suit your lifestyle. You know we all support you whatever you choose to do, because we are all on the same journey even if we go by slightly different routes.

You know where we are so keep checking in and let us know how you are doing hon... and good luck.

totally agree with what the others have said and you have to find whats right for you and you wil always have everyones support on here. keep coming on and let us know how you are getting on xxx


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Thanks guys - I have tried so hard and it just seems odd that if I were to be going to weight watchers or something i'd expect only 2lbs!! But to reduce my food and not be able to exercise and then to only lose 1 -2 lbs is mad!!

I hope that I don't get sick moving to 1000kcal and neither do I put on too much, what with the water and glycogen etc.
only you can ansew. Is the cost much more than you would spend on normal food?

I have been on ss for 3 months today lost 5 stone the first 3 weeks very very hard i dont find hard now. I want to loose another 2 stone and ill be delighted this diet was right for me after yo yoing for years i now feel when i come off i will be in total control.

I think if you can be great to stay with it if you cant then maybe yes go and do slimmers world or ww.

Good luck whatever you decide to do


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Good luck, as for 1000cal food advise/weight gain etc... I'm not the knowledgable one to ask. Hope it all goes well for though.


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Thanks but I really need some advice (no critisism).

My CDc is on holiday so I have noone to ask! :{
Hi PennyJane, which diet are you doing I know your on CD but are you Soul Source or some other? I have struggled on off, on off, off... but really want to do this and am aiming to start again on Soul Source on Sunday. I dont want to give up as I know for me going on WW of SW just wont work and I wont stick with it as the weight loss wont be enough.

As others have said, there is only you who can decide what is best for you. We are all on the same journey whatever diet we do so we can all still help and motivate wherever we can. You can DO this :) x


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Good luck - finding your own path is the only way.

I've heard people say that this is a lazy/easy diet - I disagree, it takes a lot of will power and sometimes its not the right time or diet.

I've done well so - keep it up :wave_cry:


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Penny, As you know I stopped half way through my 2nd week. I joined WW last Friday (WI Tomorrow eeek) and i had managed to keep off 11lb of the 12lb i'd lost. Dont worry too much about the glycogen gain, just be mindful of the carbs you're eating for a few days.
Lots of luck with whatever you decide xxx
This is more monetary than anything to be honest....

Let me know how you get on Abfab... was only thinking of you last night !! xxx

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