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I need a kick up the bum!

No but seriously, have put on loads of weight and I need to start being healthy again now, I say the same every week and I really need to make it happen this time. I started my new job on Sunday which means I should have more free time. I need to get my fat bum off facebook and start using my time more constructively. I am going to do some food shopping today and stock up on 'free foods' I need to avoid all of the unhealthy snacks lying around. I need to get back into walking my dog for miles and burning some fat off that way. I am seriously struggling with motivation so I need lots of support please:wave_cry:. Starting weight as of this morning is 14 stone 8 and half pounds! I want to lost about 4 stone. I also want to get on top of all the clutter in my house. I know i'll feel so much better when I do. Rant over for now :break_diet:
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Good luck to you. I lost my motivation for ages but I've found it again lately. Every pound lost and item of clothing that fits again keeps it going. And you're right, you will feel better when you start losing.
Hi Tias Mum.

I will not give you a kick up the butttt..... but I will hug you into submission. I too say I am in need of a kick..... but if you are anything like me I do this to myself all the time ~ and see where that has got me.... fatter! :sigh:

If you need a buddy/friend/ a fellow struggler to hold your proverbial mouse with ~ do get in touch. I will weigh myself tomorrow morning and start properly then..... I know I have at least 4.5 stone to lose..... yikes!

In he past I have lost about 5.5 stone with SW so I know it can be done but..... I too need all the hints and tips and motivation anyone can give me.

Do let us know how your journey is going for you...... I am here for you whatever....

\Judith & Pickle the wonder dog
Here's a hug from another struggler. I have done this so many times...I make a joke that I'm a diet rapper...it's not yo-yo with me: it's yo yo yo yo! However, the joke is invariably on me.
This time I have 4st to lose...WW propoints this time.
We can do this, one step and a load of hugs at a time. Xx

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Here's a hug from another struggler. This time I have 4st to lose...WW propoints this time.
We can do this, one step and a load of hugs at a time. Xx
Hugs back at you as well.:). I have just calculated I have about 4.5 stone to lose ~ I'll know the exact amount tomorrow when I get a start weight. I am going to re~try SW . Please let me know how you get on with WWPP ~ I am genuinely intersted.

One step.... one bite at a time.... we ALL can so do this.

Judith & Pickle the wonder dog
Hi there, said I'd check in to see how you and the wonder dog are getting on!

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Another hug from another serial struggler :( I am exactly the same, always saying I'll start afresh on Monday, but Monday comes and goes and my bad habits stick with me!

I had the same thoughts today that I really, really need to do it this time, or else I am just going to keep getting bigger and bigger. I think with me, the stress of everything that's going on tends to make me reach for food :(

But we need to stay strong! x

How are YOU doing? I'm struggling ~ but its more to do with lack of dosh than anything else. I'm glad to have SOME food in my cupboard but its boring stuff... you know the tins you brought just in case... and you only eat when you are really hungry.... and no fruit in sight etc., looking forward to getting some money on Tuesday.... hope I don't go mad on junk.

On the positive side I am trying to walk Pickle every day and aiming for 12,000 steps a day but happy if I acheive 10,000 (total steps)

I will continue to check up on you all....

How is the WWPP doing?

Judith & Pickle the wonder dog
Oh it's never easy on the last week before payday...I was like Old Mother Hubbard last week and ended up living on tins of spag bol: not very good for the diet! however I'm pleased to report that I have lost 13lb in total since I started WW- that's ok for 5 wks. I always want the quick fix but have decided to stay focused on slow and steady this time.
When you go shopping- every time you go to pick up junk- you'll hear this voice: Michelle says No! Buy some fruit and some Alpen light bars!...though Michelle will prob be stuffing a Galaxy caramel in her gob!
Hugs to you and Pickle...what kind of dog is he/she? I have 10 yr old golden retriever Jake, 4 cats, two fish. We adore animals so am always rescuing the local wildlife too!

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Well done you for realising you needed to get back on track.

I too have recently been lacking in the motivation department.

OH went to Oz for 6 months with work and I spent the whole 6 mo this eating well and exercising my arse off (literally!). I went out to see him for the last 3 weeks of his trip and those 3 weeks were "diet? exercise? What are these then?" and ate what I wanted and exercised none.

Then, once we returned we slowly got back into bad habits with sweets here, curry or kebabs there. I've only been fully 100% back on track this week but it's been hard.

It will be hard for you as well I imagine, just stick with and before you know it it's second nature.

Just don't beat yourself up.

Sooz :) x

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