I need a kick up the rear!


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As the title says, I need a swift kick. I have stuck with CD through birthdays, holidays and a wedding for the last 5 months losing 5 stone, I only have 15lbs to lose.

Last week my CDC told me I had to go on the 1000 plan. Instead of doing 1000, I have been doing more like 2000. To my absoloute shock I lost 1lb this week.

I know I have been incredibly lucky this week, but feel I should have been punished by gaining a few pounds.

Please CDers give me some advice to get me back on track:sigh:
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HI, well done for the great loss so far! Maybe try to keep in mind WHY you are doing this and how good you'll fell if you can keep control now you are so close to the end of your weight loss journey. I do understand how you feel... i'm the same sometimes.. give me an inch and i'll take a mile.


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you are so close to your target. and that's probably why panic is setting in. you are still on a regime. think of it as such until you get used to what you are eating. on 1000 i used to have the fruit option for brekkie and i would spread the fruit out throughout the day so that if i wanted to nibble i could have a piece of the fruit.

you can do it hon. the only thing you are sabotaging is your own happiness. get back to it!!

abz xx


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alternatively, try making sugar free jelly - it has been my saver on 1000 - I put in some berries from evening fruit and always have it in the fridge - not sure if it is strictly legal cd but works for mex