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I need a right good kick up the backside!


Looking for Slimville!
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I am SO angry with myself!!

Everything went completely off track as it usually bloody does with me and I am now even fatter than when I attempted to restart in May (and FAILED!)

I'm not gonna beat myself up about it but I think I do need some sort of structure/group to physically push me along the right path.

I just can't afford that luxury at the minute. Hopefully have my finances sorted by next month and be able to join something ... anything! .. to help me on my way to Slimville.

I don't know why I let this happen again. I'm such an idiot!!

Today went quite well though...my entire consumption has consisted of:

1 cupasoup
1 wholemeal tuna pitta with mixed peppers
2 litres of water

I'm currently trying to up the water to at least 3 litres before bed. Which will clearly result in jumping up n down to the loo throughout the night but hey ho!

Hope everyone else is doing better than me :(.
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please dont be too hard on yourself and focus on what youre doing now. Theres lots of us who keep "getting it wrong" but as long as you pick yourself back up, you can be where you want to be. Keep at it and no more focus on looking on the downside, focus on what youre going to do to make the changes you want, happen. x


is going to loose!
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Come on girls. We can all do this!

Lots of water, stick to our plans, try and change something we are doing slightly to ensure we dont get bored or too comfortable with things and before you know it you will be doing it.



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you can do it babes. just keep on trying. i have gained a stone and a half over the last couple of months with eating myself silly on my honeymoon, not to mention the month before the wedding and i dropped the ball a few weeks early and gained pre-dress day!! but i am back on the wagon now, and i know i can do it!! but because there is no time limit, and i'm being more relaxed about it i am finding it far easier...

look after yourself, you are right not to beat yourself up, and without the extra stress maybe you'll find things a wee bit more easy going.

good luck :)

abz xx


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we all have off days, yesterday my day was going well, then had a glass or 2 of wine (counted in my syns) but then i started on 2 slices of toast with choc spread, 4 boubon biscuits, muffin and a hob nob bar, so so angry with myself, but today is another day and will get back on plan with vengence.


is going to loose!
S: 83kg C: 80.8kg G: 72kg BMI: 27.9 Loss: 2.2kg(2.68%)
Well Lady A, how are you going do you need that kick up the bak side still??