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I need a slap or something please


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Ok i KNOW that i shouldn't but i have.
I weighed myself today similar time to weigh in tommorow and atm im looking pretty much a STS, this is my second week and although i wasnt expecting a big loss i was expecting something.
Do you think that theres a chance that i still will by tommorow?
My scales were exactly the same weight as sw ones the first week i went so i am guessing they still are...

Anyone else done this and still managed to lose?

Yes i know i need to bin them lol
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You just answered your own question! LOL!

Bin them!!

Wait till your WI tomorrow and see, you may still have a loss. Also, you had a fab weight loss first week so maybe your body just catching up :)


Is so doing it this time
Hi Shell y
This happened to me I weighed at home and it look like I had put on 1lb but in class it said I had lost 1lb!!! But if you had a big loss the week b4 be prepared to STS this week. A coulpe of ladies at my group told me they had big-ish losses in week1 then had a gain in week2. Maybe its just your body adjusting, just hang on in hun and good luck for tomorrow and if it's a gain just remember its a new week and start over xx


Now to maintain.....
SLAP...SLAP.....SLAPPITY SLAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
will that do it??

i bloody told you to get rid of them!!!! told you this happens......mind you it took me 18 weeks to do it-hahahaha!!!!


Is so doing it this time
Shell y..... I got rid..... then ended up buying what I call fake-weight-scales ie the ones with a face and needle to try and stop myself obsessing, I then ended up buying ANOTHER set of real-weight-scales ie digital!!!

My tip is leave them in the boot of your car..... you're not going to go out in your birthday suit to get them but you still have them ;)


Now to maintain.....

thought id get another in before bedtime!
Here's the slap you asked for :copon:and :whoopass: . You've got to take what your own scales say with a very large pinch of salt. Mine regularly weigh me 4-8 pounds heavier than the class scales - they're not even regular themselves in how much extra they weigh. No two sets of scales will always weigh the same and it's the class scale you've got to worry about. And it may not be as bad as you think... You still may have lost when it comes to WI.

Good luck huni, XXX

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