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i need a slap


is getting better at it
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messed up big time today thanks to a big mouthed friend telling me mcdonalds now do onion rings, i have not had a mcdonalds in ages and ages and ages, but today i weakened as i love onion rings.

but could i just have the onion rings? no i had to have a large big mac meal and a large chocolate milk shake as well, i hate to think how many syns were in that little lot and i dont think i really want to know either :eek:
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aw well its not like you eat it every day so good on you! I havent eaten anything too bad yet but I know that I will when I want to because at the end of the day you've got to live! I want SW to become a lifestyle that I can maintain, and you cant avoid fast food forever so dont feel bad! (and you may as well go the whole hog while doing it instead of just picking at a few onion rings! Then start again normal 2moro!) :) xxx
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Don't worry:) It was one meal out of 21 in the week. Draw a line, move one and STEP AWAY FROM THE ONION RINGS!!!!
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as long as you enjoyed it and satisfied that urge to have it, so what you got it out of your system and can get back to plan now. its what i call real life there is always going to be a sitiuation when your going to eat junk. the main thing is that you dont feel guilty when eating it or after because when we feel guilty were more likely to say oh well i had that and i had this, stuff it i might aswell have this and it becomes a cycle. xx


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Just as long as you pick yourself up and get yourself back on plan the next meal, you don't need a slap!!
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like the others said draw a line under it sometimes life throws things at us we can't control
but if u like mcdonalds why not make your own hun.
i like chicken burgers when i go to mcdonalds so this weekend i made chicken burgers and chips it was very nice ok its not mcdonalds but it was certainly not like diet food and i had no guilt.
u can make your own big mac not sure about onion rings but i bet u can someone will know a recipe

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When I came back from WI yesterday I also had what I shouldn't have...a keema curry and a chapati, but back on track today. Hope it's the same with you :)
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bet it was good tho!!! you know few years ago when i was some what of a diet freak i was trying to lose my last 2lb getting me down to 7st 10lb (can you believe that!!!) anyway it just would not shift and i ended up drinking a full bottle of malibu, chicken korma and rice BIG nann bread and so much chocolate i felt sick.......weigh day lost 3lb, sometimes i think you need a bit of rubbish, can do you a world of good xxxxx

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