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I need a snack!

day 2 hang on in there ............. nuts. cheese.jelly and cream ....... chicken drum stick xx


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Have you tried a MIM, a muffin in a minute, you can look up on the sticky's for the basic recipe and then change it to suit sweet or savoury, there are loads of different recipes on there. This has been my lifesaver, don't eat more than 30g of flaxseed in one a day though as too much flaxseed is not good for you in one day. Today I used butter, 1/2 tsp of cocoa powder and splenda and made a buttercream topping it's lovely. I make mine in a rectangle plastic bowel and cut it into 10 cubes and eat a little throughout the day with the topping, yummy. You can buy Flaxseed in health food stores or some supermarkets.
Rose I am on day 5 and have been snacking on cold cooked chicken either drumsticks or thighs, hard boiled eggs and mayo, meat and mayo/cream cheese rollups. I just tried a mock danish and it was lush, I was still hungry after my dinner so had this and it hit the spot. Anything leftover too works, cubes of cheese within allowance... umm will have a think and add anymore if I can think of them :) Hope this helps


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Welsh Cupcake, I love you name!

I just put about 2 dessert spoons of butter in a bowl with a tsp of splenda, and 1/2 tsp of bournville cocoa powder and mixed together, the butter needs to be soft first. It was lovely. I think it works out 1 g net carbs for the splenda and 0.1 net carbs for the 1/2 tsp cocoa.
I left the tsp of splenda out of the actual muffin so I could save it for the topping and it worked fine.
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hey ive just been eating salami (found a pack in tesco for 1g for 85g pack) and if you like cream cheese then you'll prob like boursin cheese (like cream cheese but very garlicy). 3g for the whole pack!! i've been putting bits in the salami and rolling it up like cheese filled tubes :)


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I live on mini pepperamis especially when on the move. Also good when feeling munchie as they need a good chew and very flavorful :)
Thanks ruth that sounds great :) are we allowed cocoa on induction? I had a mock danish earlier and made a sweet butter topping that was lush. My name incorporates what I love cupcakes and being welsh of course. I know I can't have cupcakes anymore but makes me think of when I get to target I can treat myself :)


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tazbabe said:
well, tbh i'm not sure now you've pointed it out! if you make it yourself you will know what's in it?
Depends on the pate! Just check the label - I have had tuna pate from marks that was about 2g for the whole tub. If there's fruit or filler in there it would be more.


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Cupcake, to be honest I'm not 100% sure if we are allowed cocoa on Induction, some say yes and some say no. As it's such a little amount and such little carbs I don't think it can do any harm but perhaps we shouldn't have it everyday. Good luck you are doing so well. I can't wait to see how much you have lost at your next weigh in.

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