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I need advice Please

Aunt Bam

Full Member
Hi all

I've a lot of weight to lose, at least 7 stone. I suffer from high blood pressure, which I control with tablets. I was wondering if I could do ss.

If not can anyone advise me to what plan I could do, without giving my doctor the chance to say NO. For the last two weeks I been doing a low calorie diet and have lost nearly a stone(next weigh in Monday) but would prefer to do CD for a while.

Thanking you in advance for your advice.

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Goodbye Tum
Hi Maureen I'm sorry I can't give medical advice, I'm sure a councellor will advise you soon. All I can say is good luck if you can come with us, soon it won't be seven stone you have to lose and with cd it's not a lot xx
I'm not an expert but think you will need to get a form signed by your doc if you're on meds for BP. You might be surprised by your GP he/she might encourage CD, as losing weight will help lower your blood presssure.

Good luck


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hiya maureen,
my mum has high blood pressure and also has epilepsy and she started on SS 10 days ago.
U will have to get the form signed by ur doctor but u may be surprised at how good many doctors are about CD. Of course there are the exceptions but most appreciate that the extra weight we all carry is the biggest problem we have in our lives and we are taking responsibility for it.
GL with the doctor. Ur cdc will also give u an 'information for doctors' booklet for ur doctor to read through should they want to.

Aunt Bam

Full Member
Thanks very much for all your comments and encouragement. I'm due to visit my doctors on Wednesday, for a follow up on blood tests I took last week. I'll have a word with her then and explain that I would like to do cd.


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