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I NEED HELP QUICKLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since been back from holiday i havnt gone a day without eating something ive just made my hubbys pack up and was cutting cheese up and ended up eating a chunk !!!! I wouldnt mind but normally i wouldnt even touch cheese its just not my thing im been really stupid but i cant seem to stop my self. I hate to say this but i hope i put weight ON !!!! this week to teach me a lesson because no matter how much i have a word with myself it just seems like im not listening i wake up every morning and say to my self today im going to be good today im just going to have my shakes and my water but no i bugger it up every day god im mad with myself but ive got away with it so far i couldnt belive it last week when i lost 4lb no one was more amazed than me i deserve to put weight on and the cheese isnt the only thing ive had today ive had 6 pringles,1slice of bread and butter some curry and 2 squares of chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!! im really sorry but its like going to confession i just needed to get all this of my chest has anybody got any suggestions on how i can sort myself out please help me !!!!!
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Ooops! Stop cheating hun! You just need to ask yourself how much you want to lose weight, that should be all the motivation you need to stick at it! Get out some pics hun maybe ones when you were slimmer...oh and get some water, lots of it and stick at it xxxxx
You can help yourself by simply not doing it, sorry to be harsh but keep doing tricks like that and your uphill struggle is going to get harder, then you fall off the wagon you get really fat then you start again and life carries on like that...........Poo innit, put it behind you get a grip of yourself and crack on where you left off...Good luck!;)
Tracey the fridge and garage are full o water im still drinking the water but when im around food i just cant seem to stop myself ive even got into clothes i havnt wore for a good coulple of years and it feels good but my self disapline has gone out of the window and i want it back god im now sounding really whiney !!!!!!


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Lol you are hun! I think only you can help you baby, we have all had hard moments but when you realise how much you want it and remember how unhappy you were fat you stick at it!! Maybe avoid cooking for a while? xx
fattothin i need a good kick up the arse !!!!!!! and i really think the only thing that will do that is to put on weight i really hope that happens i really do im acting like a complete t*#t !!!!!!!!!!!!!! at the moment and i deserve it !!!!!!!!!!!!
You only deserve it if you dont regret it, you do regret it so come on help yourself and do youself a favour. Can I have your address and I will come and kick you up your ass.:p


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aww come on hun do it for yourself!! We are all here for you babe for support so pick yourself up! xxx
It not an option as i am the cook in our house god he would just sit there and starve or go to the nearest takeaway plus i look after adults with learning difficulties and i have to cook for them as part of my job what makes me more mad is i have done it and know i can do it cos ive already done it for 5 weeks !!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyway i will start again tomorrow and try and sort myself out thanks for all the advice and for listening
Anytime hun seriously, you can do it xxxxxxxxx
Anybody watchin dodgeball the film on channel 4 Ben stiller is a fitness fanatic who was once fat he was connected up to electrodes on his nipples and just about to have a bite of a doghnut as it got to his mouth he electricuted himself to stop himself eating it i said to my husband i need one of them (he is an electrician) make me one now go into the garage and make me one ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!!!!!
You cook food, right ok so that means you have to eat it ermmm, no!
Just like I fix aeroplanes doesnt mean I want to take it for a fly just to see what its like.
So get your husband in the garage now :p xxx Be good
lol love that film hun, can your hubby make us all 1? xxx
Oh fattothin you are making me laugh and i havnt laughed all day ok ok i will be good just in the process of drikin a litre of water that me up at about 4 am for a pee ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!
Tracey my hubby said he will make you one Ha Ha Ha !!!!!!!
Well thankyou lol!! xx


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Hi...I've just watched it.....Its soooooo funny. Ben Stiller is fab isn't he. Can I place an order too?
Yeah i love Ben Stiller! x
Shaz I dont know if he could create enough current to span that gap:D:D:D:D xxxxxxxx
Shaz mi hubby says he will sort something out for ya !!!!!!

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