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i need HELP!!!!!

Ive fallen off the wagon and put on 5lbs. On saturday i went out for the day with my family and ate, although the majority of it was healthy i still ate it. same as yeaterday i had decided to give cambridge a rest (i know ive only done it for 3weeks but its stressing me out) thinking i could lose the last stone on my own but within 2days i have put on 5lbs, any idea why? im thinking about restarting cd but hubbys not to keen. can anyone help! thanks:cry:
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can anyone help me?


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Hiya yummy mummy,

when you start eating again, after just being on the packs, your glycogen (sp) stores fill up, they hold 3 times their weight, so you have not actually put on 5lbs of fat, you'd have to have eaten loads and loads for that too happen. Instead its the glycogen stores filling up. Once you go back on the packs those stores will be depleated and you will loose it again easily.

This is why, both cambridge and lighterlife have a very ordered re-introduction to food, carbs are not intrroduced straight away, ( am guessing you had carbs?)...

don't think I have explained this very well, sorry am just popping out but wanted to reply so you wouldnt worry to much...

It will come off again and you'll be amazed how quickly too..

What is your plan? are you staying on cd ?

its taken me soo long to type this out, bet someone else has replied in the meantime!!
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Hi Yummy Mummy. You are doing CD right? Are you SSing or have you started to move up the plans?? Is your head in the right place?

Like Geri said, what you have put on is the glycogen .. so don't worry .. you need to sit down and work out what you want to do .. is there a reason your DH is not keen?

In what way is it stressing you out?

If you dont work up the stages after SS then you get an immediate weight gain, it is as has been said glycogen stores.

Dont panic, but maybe look at CD 1000 for now to steady as you decide your next step
thansk for the replies, im back on ss today and yeh i had a few carbs but not many had chicken stir fry last night (no rice) and tryed to level it out. its stressing me out coz i cant sit down with hubby and eat with him and thats why he is anoyed with it to. If i was to do 1000 would the weight not come back on? ive still got a stone to lose and want it to come off but im going out next friday and dont know how to work my way around it? ive just done a excercise vid so burned loads of calories. I think im more stressed the fact that not only am i hungry but i failed my driving test friday, lost my job thursday, none of my clothes fit me (all falling off thats a good thing, but i cant go out with no clothes on) and am absolutly skint so im also paniking that i wont be able to afford cd no more, sorry to dump all my worries on you guys but i am so ????????????????????? x x x

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