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I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

guys... i started s.w again 3wks ago.. gained half pound first week back.. lost 2 pound last week and am absolutely dreading this week cos af showed her ugly face and i picked and nibbled my way through the week...
Im even considering giving ww another try as im really finding sw very hard (believe it or not) i had an excellent week and lost 2lb.. when others around me are losing 6 and 7 lb in one week.... WHERE AM I GOING WRONG???

I have pcos and honestly think i need more control on what i eat and maybe ww should be for me???

Any advice??
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Hi Mrs Blubby, welcome to Minimins,
Stick with it, your not going wrong. 2lbs a week off is great. My start weight was and target weight were about the same as yours. I lost 2lbs every week for 16 weeks and it was gone. They recommend that a 1 - 2 lbs loss each week is a healthy way to lose.
Even if you only lost 1lb a week, that is still 52lbs a year (3st 10lbs!!) 2lbs a week is 104lbs (7st 6lbs!!)
please dont be dis heartened by just 2lbs, 2lbs is GREAT.
Maybe start a food diary so everyone can help you with any problems you may be having??? Think it takes a few weeks to see what works for you. for me it was bread that was my biggest problem, so i only have maybe 3 slices every 2 weeks now. ( i would have had huge slices of homemade bread daily!)
stick with it, SW i think is by far the easiest diet to stick to, as its not a diet, its a new way of life with eating.


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I agree with Honey, 2lb is a good result. You have only had 2 weigh-ins as well so you cannot possibly know what pattern your losses will follow. I know everyone is different but I would have thought WW to be harder to stick with than SW? I also thought PCOS made weight loss a little slower? I might be totally wrong but the 2 friends I know who have it have said it makes losing harder. If that is true then it doesnt matter which plan you follow, they will all require working at. as honey says, 2lb every week is a great result. Im averaging 2.5lbs per week and I am delighted with that. If I were you, I'd stick with it, see how you get on after 6 or 8 weeks and give it your all un til then... think of the marathon rather than the sprint (cheesey but true :) ) Good luck with whatever you decide, its never easy xxx

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