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  1. runo

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    Guys, I have been on and off Cambridge 4 or 5 times. I try to start again but I haven't got willpower, its gone. I am on binge eating, 2 weeks ago I was successfuly loosing weight but due to stress at work I lost again and can't go back. I am depressed. Summer is coming I can't get into any of my clothes. Tomorrow is Monday Iwould love to go back on Cambridge. How I suppose to manage?
    I do not want to go to work tomorrow because I can hardly get into my biggest trousers. This is a disaster..................
    Thank you:break_diet:
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    Runo, sorry to hear you feeling so low! I think you maybe need to take a step back and draw breath as you are getting into a viscious cycle of trying, bingeing and then feeling guilty and low. How about trying to low carb for a few weeks to ease yourself into SSing, or maybe try one of the higher plans which allow you some food that may suit you better.

    Please don't be soo hard on yourself.

  4. doubledumplings

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    cambridge diet
    arrrhhhhhh hun just next one day at a time and remember y ur doing this to fit into all those lovely summer clothes ashley xx
  5. Lolly90

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    Hi ..
    It was the same with me. I did cambridge for two days then lost the willpower. But the worst thing was when I started eating again I was having take out everyday. It was just a vicious circle because I would feel bad for eating then eat more! But then one day (after a take out!) I thought 'I'm going on Cambridge tomorrow' and I did. I broke it that night and then realised that What I was doing wasn't healthy so the next day I started again and I've been on it for five days. Just take it one day at a time. Find someone to help you and give you those encourage words, you can do it. Last time I did it people weren't supportive at all so I gave up, this time people have been a lot better and I'm finding it easier. Everyone on this forum seems genuinely nice and will help you through it.
    Lo ..x
  6. runo

    runo New Member

    Thank you very much for the support.
    I will try tomorrow to start Cambridge. I realised that the feelings of anxiety and agitation have the bigges influence. My unconscious brain constantly sends me signals that I try to suppress by food. It is unbelieveble what happening to me. I hate myself for being so weak.
    I am very grateful for your support, please keep emailing me. It really helps mentally and gives me a hope.
  7. misscheeky

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    Hi runo,

    Sorry to hear your feeling a bit low.You can and will do it. We are all here for supprt. You just need to take it one day at a time dont look at the big picture just go little by little. When work or something gets to you is there anything else that you love doing that could help? like em a walk/ playing some football/ singing/dancing anything to take your mind of food.
    becky x
  8. shinyhappyperson

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    Hello Runo, I'm not the best CD'er in the world ... I definitely need to enjoy social events with friends now and again that involve food and wine! Having said that, if you can set yourself a target to get through the first week of CD (which is really hard) the results on your weighing scales are the best incentive in the world. This is what makes it easy for me to have a weekend off and jump straight back on the CD wagon, because I know it will come off again.

    I love this diet and I know you will too - good luck tomorrow.

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    hey runo,i`m sure each and every one of us has a similar story,i know i do.there`s no point starting tomorrow if it`s not in you to do it.you need to stop beating yourself up.you need to rally around the support of your family and this site and tell yourself you can do it.your caught in a vicious circle and you need to break this cycle.get yourself together and when you feel ready you`ll know and that`s when you will succeed,i wish you the best of luck,please let us know how you get on best of luck,elaine
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