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Help,,, husband has been avoiding me like the plague the last couple of days so after being upset and feeling rejected i wanted to know why??:cry: the reason..... i have seriously bad breath!! i have been drinking plenty of water is this a side effect of ss, im on day 5 and now feel to embarrassed to talk to anyone, in case i knock em dead:eek: can anyone advise?
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This is normal.. it is the ketones that he can smell. Try using a mouth spray like gold spot. You could chew some sugarfree gum but this can make you feel hungry so it would be better to use a spray.


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Gold spot spray works for me. Keep up the water as well, it does help.
Just remember it's not for ever. If he's supportive in other ways, he can cope for a few weeks till it eases off.


please try again
welcome to the joys of ketosis! perminantly cold with a mouth like a badgers bum

seriously the breath does go away after a while, keep drinking the water to flush the ketones out the other way, brush your teeth a couple of extra times a day ( helps cravings too ) and the mouth sprays really help
thanks for replys, yeah ive been soo cold for last few days and mouth does feel weird and taste funny, funny thing is tho ive tested myself this morning with the pee stick and it didnt change colour boo hoo, although saying that i have had the sticks since feb and they were in the cupboard so maybe they dont work?? i dont have a cdc so i may have to buy some fresh ones, noticed i had a thick head this morning so im not sure whats going on?? im using this site for knowledge as im a newby, in fact this is my lifeline as i dont know what to expect on this diet, but ill give the mouth spray a go, back in work tomorrow and dont want to go in with killer breath x
well i first signed up for cd in late feb this year, i didnt have a local cdc in my area in fact the nearest was 130 miles away, anyway she was good enough to come to visit me and get me started, because of the travelling i purchased enough supplies to keep me going a couple of months, but sadly i lasted about 2 weeks and gave up, my nanna died and i just started comfort eating after that, but months down the line with my marriage at risk due to my lack of self confidence and sex appeal i have taken the plunge into doing this again, so once the supplies have run out ill have to find another cdc and see if there willing to travel xx


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Guys where do you get the spray from?

I have no clue!
I have used the spray as well but I hate the taste :(

I only hope it makes my breath better than it tastes lol
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