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Hi everyone, not been round for a couple of weeks as I've been thru a bit of a difficult time, just got back with my ex after being seperated for 2 n half yrs !! I know it's a long time.. then one of our best friends died aged 31 thru drink related illnesses, so i fell of the wagon slightly, only put a pound back on but i could of lost aound a stone and I'm off to Oz in just over 3 weeks and I really need some encouragement to get me back on it, i know all u guys will help me xxxxxxxxxxx
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So very sorry to hear about your friend, that must have been devastating.
You've done brilliantly to only put a pound on.
Here's to a fresh start to get you foxy for Oz.xxxx


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Hi hunni, So sorry to hear about your friend, wat a devasting experience that was no wonder ya are off the wagon.....dont worry we are all here to get ya back on it and feeling well emotionally as well. In saying this I am really proud of ya that ya have only put on 1lb considering of all the stress that ya have been under and I am sure ya will lose this if not more by the time ya head to oz, at least the holiday will take your mind off things. If ya need anything ya can mail me anytime, lots of hugs to ya:grouphugg:


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I'm sure you'll get back on it , Very sorry to hear of your loss and hard times , look at it this way - you haven't eating like mad to comfort eat so u had willpower not to let it happen , use that willpower to get back on I know I'm weaker - :patback::gen126: Best of Luck hunx


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Thank you all very much for your replies i really appreciate it and I'm determined to shift another 10-14lbs before I go Oz xxx