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i need of some kind words and support


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Right i have been doing slimming world for almost a year now and have lost a stone but i have also lost my motivation, i've never been over weight but would love to get back down to 8 st 5lb can anyone offer any advice as to what i can do to get back on track. i have today made a decision to try and loose 1 1/2 lb a week.
i join this cause i saw the help and support others got
so come on ladies and gents get me motivated please!! :confused:
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There you go, your here!
Welcome and good luck, i hope you can get some of your motivation back from minimins, its great, and there is so much support on here xx


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Yay i found it!
i have decided to write everything down and stick to it 120% this week cause i know if i get a big weight loss next week it will be such a boost it just the sticking to this week thats gunna be the problem


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joining here is a great step, there are so many threads and recipes and advice, you can't go wrong!

you can do it! good luck x


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have a look at the recipe section, i honestly think that varying your meals and trying new ones, really helps you to stay on track! there are some lovely recipes on here, with piccie too, so why not try a few new ones this week! xx


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I will do yes,
Me and my mum do it together and she is having a hard time aswell so i might get her on here too
We do enjoy making new recipes so i'll have to look through.
i did however find a 3 syn brownie recipe on here the other day so i will be trying that as i cant say no to brownie:rolleyes:

I hope I can motivate you in some way. I have made a plan to lose 41lbs in total - not sure if I will get there by September (when I go back to university) but hopefully I will get most of the way there on this plan. This is my first week, but you have been on the plan before so I am sure that you will be fine and lose weight easily!

Good luck with it!


Too big to fail
best of luck! x


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thank you guys all so much its my weigh in tonight so i will know where i am at with the weight,
i have planned all my food for the next week today even my trip to nando's ( if anyone can find out the syn value for the chips i will work them in but other wise i will have a salad no dressing)
i will have a long chat to my group leader tonight and i even dusted off the wii fit!
just off to finish my lunch of baked potato, salad, and chicken with some yummy FREE fruit!
wish me luck and i'll keep this updated :)
I am a newbie in this forum but a veteran in dieting. My greatest weight losses happened when I was in love. But I cannot be in love all the time!!!
Anyway, I am not thinking about food when I am doing things that make me really happy (vacations, etc).
I wish you good luck. Of course, you can do it. Try to enjoy yourself with other things except food. The key is in our brain. And most important, keep in touch with this forum. We are here to help.

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