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i need some advice please

First of all i should introduce myself, i am Ruth and i have been on LT for 7 Days now.
I am embaressed to actually come here to u all as u are all so fantastic and inspiring with your dediacation to this weight loss effort.
Myself and my OH started together we were struggling quite a bit then last night we deciced that this was not fo us. We did eat.
Now today OH is very happy with his decision, myself on the hand am not , i feel like such a failure, i have been crying on and off all day, i really think i have to bite the bullet and go it alone, i just cant bear to be like this anymore. I am sorry if i have anyoned any one of u that have stuck to it 100%. I suppose my question is do u think it is possible to start over, i have probably knocked my self out of ketosis, so it will be like starting from day one over again . I hope my rambalings have not bored u. Maybe i just needed to write it all down.
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ruth, please dont think your on your own. Ive been on it since may and have fallen off the wagon several times and not with healthy food! but im back and thats what i seem to keep doing but as long as you do come back, you wont have the tears hun youl see results you wont believe but i know how hard it is so stay strong, and just go for it, dont think about it too much just do it and take it a day at a time. Your hubby might jump on board later so chin up girl, do it for you. jx
Go ahead, give it another go! You'll only end up wandering 'what if' if you don't try it again.

If it doesn't work out at least you can say 'i tried'.
You know, writing it down is actually a very good idea as then you can always read back when you're thinking of breaking LT and remember just how awful you felt - it'll be a great motivator to keep going! :)

As for going it alone, it sounds like the best option. Thing is, you went 7 days without food. So... you know you can do it, the only problem was you both talked yourself out of it. Not good. If the OH is happy with his decision that that is great for him, but obviously not for you as you have stated you've been miserable all day. That's no way to be hunny!! :(

I think it would be best for you to start over, on your own. Some people find it hard to restart but this is generally after a decent break, you only came off it last night :) I did a similar thing on my day 5 but got back on the next day and it was all good - not eaten a single thing since that day :)

As for being out of ketosis, it really depends on what you had. My guess is that you probably have come out of it but if you get back on the shakes today or tomorrow the damage shouldn't be that bad.

You're not annoying anyone sweetie, that is exactly what this forum is for - help and support.

Good luck with whatever decision you make and please keep us updated on what route you take!

Much love xx
Hi, if you really want to do this, make today a fresh start. i have only been doing this 6 days and i think im coping really well, i do miss food and i have had a bag of crisps and i have stole a chip of my bf's plate and i have had a prawn cracker and a small bite of toast. But i myself want to do this, so i dont let myself get dragged into a state of mind that i think bugger it, iv done it now i may as well just eat what i want! Im not going to do it. I just think, well i should not have eaten that and just carry on and drink as much water as i can and have my next shake at tea time. We are human who have for a time been cut off from REAL food. Dont be disheartened, take each day as it comes.
I am new to this site so i hope i have done the right thing here and replying???


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So what if you ate a little tomorrow is a brand new day and you can get back on track in no time. there are many of us who have fallen off the waggon and managed to get back on again. It is not easy but we are all here to give you the support you need and I'm sure your OH will support you knowing how hard it is to stick to it. Be proud of that 8lb you have lost and make a fresh start to continue your fantastic weight loss.

Most importantly, make it a habbit to post on here every day, we will see you through your journey, you are not alone.

You'll do it hun
Thank u all for your very kind replys, i think i am starting to calm down a little now, sheer panic had set in. Yes i think you are all right, i can do it at least i know what to expect now, it may be even a little easier as OH can cook for the children as he will cook for himeself as well, i wont have that to deal with. I will make the effort to post as the support will be invaulable over the coming weeks. Once again thanks to u all.
You're so welcome hun!! I look forward to following your progress over the next few weeks!! :)
Good luck with everything Ruthie. I'm always dead impressed when people manage to do this diet when they have kids and wives/husbands in the house. I live by myself and the only way I've been able to cope is by throwing out every single bloody bit of food and drink I have!

The only things in my cupboards are tea, coffee, FibreClear and shakes. If it wasn't for keeping water cold, I'd turn off my fridge for a couple of months!

It sounds like a good plan having hubby make the tea for the kids. And I bet when you've done so well on the diet in a couple of months, you'll inspire him to take the plunge too.

I said it yesterday on a thread and I'll say it again - things are much tougher for us blokes.

*Avoids the bricks being thrown at my head by all the women on this forum*

*launches a brick attack at David* Cheeky sod, you sound just like a couple of other cheeky boys that spring to mind... ;)


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don't worry what's done is done. today is another day so well done you for deciding to jump back into LT. you know you'll see results in double quick time, so get glugging the water and good luck
Welcome Ruth.

Sometimes it helps to fall off the wagon coz you feel so awful that you are more determined to stick to it next time.

Start anew and stick to it. It does get easier.

I have 3 children and am very lucky coz my eldest is old enough to make the tea on occasions. Tonight she made pizza while my youngest and I made cookies. It really didn't bother me even though the smell has been lovely. I am not hungry so I just enjoy a big sniff of the smell and look forward to my WI tomorrow.

The first week is the hardest and you will need to go through it again (I'm assuming you had something yummy but naughty to eat rather than lean chicken and salad!) to get back into ketosis. Use us as often as you need to and never ever feel embarrassed about coming on here, good grief, we talk about everything and I mean absolutely everything from totm to poos and wees! We aren't shy and it is good to get everything off your chest that is worrying you and ask all the questions you may be too embarrassed to ask your chemist face to face (quite apart from the fact that some of the older posters - older coz they have been on here longer not coz they are senior citizens - know way more than most chemists if some of the posts I've read are to be believed!!!!!)

Good luck.

hi, do you have anything to lose by starting again.......no..
Get back on the LT wagan and keep going and be another great story on this site...be a winner!!!!!
And when hubby see's how good you look...he will change his mind.
Good luck


a new way of living!
hi ruth, i cheated in week one too, but got on with it and stuck to it and lost 17lbs in 4 weeks (5th wi tomorrow) give it another go. the first week or two is the hardest, just keep on going and it does get easier.


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Tomorrow is always another day :)

If you want it badly, stick to it :)
ruth i am comeing to end of 2nd wk and i dont think theres been a day when ive not eaten something not always a lot tho and thats one thing i notice that im not able to eat as much as before even when i think im starveing
but i am not beating myself up my hubby is home this wk and he works away and it is harde r but i am still geting weighd then ill draw a line under it . you sound like you really want to try again and thats whats important please dont think your the only one who has fell of the wagon so to speak good luk and let us know how you go lesley x
You sound like you really want to do it again so go for it! After the first week you will be delighted with yourself. think it easier to start up straightaway again instead of leaving it for a few weeks! good luck! xx


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I said it yesterday on a thread and I'll say it again - things are much tougher for us blokes.

*Avoids the bricks being thrown at my head by all the women on this forum*

LOL you must have crossed over ...All the real men on this forum say it's easier and us girls are whingers lol ******** throws breeze blocks at david**********
If you want to do it you can... its a mind game... being positive is your biggest frind and she will see you through to the new you!
I suggest you take hubby's credit card.. go shopping for clothes that are far too small for you..spend a fortune and hang them in your wardrobe! In a few weeks or so they will fit! Also when you feel as tho you are going to cave get them out and imagine yourself wearing them!!!
Ask yourself some questions when ever you feel weak (which women arent lol)
Do i enjoy being fat?
Have i failed at all other diets?
Do i want to live longer and enjopy my children growing up?
Do i like what i see in the mirror?
Am i really hungry? (the answer to that is NO!!)
What has triggered my DESIRE (not need) to eat?
Once you have found your trigger, work with LT and find different ways to cope with it
Good luck restarting...depending on what you have eaten, you may get back into ketosis quicker xxx

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