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I need some help

Ok I lost nearly 5 stone before on CD, then stupidly fell off the wagon & have put 3 st back on. I am trying to get back on the CD but I am failing miserably:cry: I was so focused last time, but this time the most I can manage is about 2 days, & then I go back to troughing like a pig :sigh: Can anyone offer any advice as to how I can get back into this please
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I havn't been doing CD for very long but i keep falling off and lasting for half a day at a time!

Im starting 790 2day as it is better for me, real food etc. have you concidered doing that instead of ss?
I'm in the same boat as you I'm afraid (though I did LL before). While I am still struggling to remain on SS, I have found that by not taking any money to work, I have reduced the chances of me saying "stuff it", and buying lunch.

also, as much as I love chugging the water!? I also find that if I am absolutely ravenous, I'll drink a black coffee and that keeps the hunger at bay.

As I mentioned though, I am no angel, and have slipped up many times, though these things have helpmed me a bit.
790plan is a really good way to go. Or even start on 1500 then work your way down to 1200/1000/790 and then SS if you want to. But the losses on 790 are about 12lb per month average ... so still very good.

Otherwise look at the fallen angel thread and see if that helps you.

Good luck.
I've just found the fallen angel thread so I'll try that & see if it helps. I've tried the 790 before but I really need to do the SS. Trouble is I'm at home as I have 2 children, 1 still only at pre school, so that doesn't help much.

Thanks so much for your replies
I'm at home too. I find drinking loads of water really makes a difference. I'm normally crap at drinking my water - but had loads yesterday and lost 3lb overnight.


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I have also feeling a little wobbly....but I have had a think and weighed up which I want most to be slimmer or to eat whatever and put on....!
It is very easy to just grab anything and shove it down the ole mouth....now I am trying to reason with myself as to whether I really really want it.

It does seem to be working, have also filled up on the water

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