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i need some sort of wire for my gob

S: 19st13lb C: 15st9lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 4st4lb(21.51%)
OMG... wot the hell is wrong with me??
I am in a state of ..'I dont give a dam''
but i do . this week i have been on holiday- nowhere fancy just Hastings and i have eaten just what i wanted Right ok you say - now your back- get back on plan . yes i can ... but im scared (dont laugh)
In the last few days i have had my dinner - ie mince tates and cauli, have had so much of it that my belly is hurting - but i want more! my belly is saying NO, but my head is saying ....get that apple in front of you , then eat that pkt crisps, eat any leftovers from his plate, is there any pudding??. later that night we went out and on the way home brought son some chips - i reckon i ate half of them aswell ??
why am i doing this?. i am so full and yet my head is telling me to eat and i cant stop. 3 weeks ago i weighed 15st 2. today when i came home i now weigh 15st 12lb. oh god i am so going wrong??
today i had sw eggs bacon mushroom and beans on 2 slices white bread, then had a 1/4lb cheese burger ,medium fries and a strawberry milkshake, was also going to have a small cheesburger , but son didnt want his chicken wrap so i swopped- god knows how many syns in that lot .I dont know why we have it as it is crap . I havent had tea yet-its 20 to 8, but i know soon we will have something.
I dont want to ruin all my hard work just over the reason i cant stop shoving food into my gob -its like a major drug addiction . how can i stop my head telling me to eat as my belly is hurting
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Okay stop for a second. And LOOK at all your stickers on your signature. It's OKAY to struggle for a bit.. I can't believe how many you've got!! Congrats!!

Don't be so harsh on yourself, women go through so many crazy things - hormones changing daily, emotional crap, all that jazz and in the same way you did when you first started, you'll get your mojo for slimming back!! Just don't be so negative about yourself because you know what? You're human. I know this isn't great advice but stop putting yourself down and have a little faith that you'll get back up again!!
S: 18st3lb C: 17st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 42.7 Loss: 0st6lb(2.35%)
Hey Alice :D first off i'd like to say congrats on the great weight loss you've had so far hun! it's easy to lose sight of why we are doing this, especially when you've lost so much already.

i can completely understand what you are going through, that happened to me last week! my family had a chinese, whilst i had a SW prepared meal and stuffed myself silly with food from the plan, despite wanting chinese. woke up at three in the morning and all i could think about that left-over chinese downstairs, despite being full myself!

i tell you now, it's ok to be afraid. after all, food has been a major part of our lives for making us feel better, and now we are telling ourselves, no it's not our friend. we all have this commitment issue with food, else we wouldn't be on this diet in the first place. there are ways to stop yourself eating when you are full hun, so don't worry, we'll help you the best we can.

1. All food shall only be eaten in the kitchen. (this may sound silly, but if it's in one place then you won't have to have the temptation in front of you all the time. if there are others that live with you, ask them to support you with this and eat EVERYTHING only in there. -biscuits included)

2. Once you are full, Leave the kitchen. (this is a small step for weightloss and a giant step to a controlled, confident new you!)

3. Have cravings for something really synfull and you've already had your syns? Have a syn-free drink of something, like water, or pepsi max. still want the sweet? then find an activity to do. (this can be something small like painting your nails, or cross-stitching. i find if i cross-stitch i don't notice biscuits anymore, because i'm having so much fun, doing something else. sometimes we just eat 'cause we are bored, so a healthy active mind, will set us straight.)

4. Went over your syns anyway? (don't stress over it, if you want it you want it. don't feel like a lesser person for having a bad day, it happens to everyone, if it were easy we would be doing it at home on our own for free, and not pay £4.50 every week. just start again and carry on. don't give up. this is a chance for you to be all you can, take it!)

i know it's all obvious and that it seems silly when you read it, but guess what? i have that list written up in my house. it worked for me the first time i did SW and i lost 4 stone then.

i wish you good luck on your weight loss journey. :D

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