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i need some support to stay on track anyone else

hi , is there anyone that feels they are lacking in motivation at the moment?
ive hit what seems to be like a wall and im struggling to carry on, my local slimming friend is failing me too big time and not even showing up for sw wi's.
its left me feeling whats the point, ive not even exercised recently am i on my own??
the trouble is i know i really want to lose the extra 1 and a half ive got left to lose.
it seems sw was a lot easier on the first 1 and half ive lost already :(
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I think we all go through moments like this.

I'm going on holiday end of June and instead of using that as my motivation to stick to plan and be positive, I keep feeling really negative about it. I feel I'll still be sat there in my baggy trackies, I won't want to be in any of the photos, no need to pack my swimsuit - I'm not taking off any clothes!

I lost a pound this week but the past 2 weeks I've gained and it's all from going through a "what's the point?" phase. I've eaten badly, gained and then felt bad which made me eat worse.

I'm doing ok this week but I still don't feel motivated. I think the key is to probably focus on small goals but I'm struggling there too at the moment.

We all have "what's the point" moments but I think we all need to remind ourselves of how well we've done so far. xxx
you are proberly right to have a target to work for , in the beginning i wanted to lose a stone in time for a wedding but now ive not set or got a target to go to , im dreading wi tonight and the more i think about it the more i want to eat junk i think ive gone crazy
you are proberly right to have a target to work for , in the beginning i wanted to lose a stone in time for a wedding but now ive not set or got a target to go to , im dreading wi tonight and the more i think about it the more i want to eat junk i think ive gone crazy
Don't dread weigh in and make sure you go. It's worse to avoid the scales and then it's too easy to stay off track.

Maybe big targets aren't for us? Have you thought about small ones? Maybe we should work on shifting 2lbs at a time (not in a week or 2 - just as a target instead of half stones they do in class).

Is there anything to aim for that's not so pressured? Maybe say lose 3lbs and treat yourself to something like a trip to the cinema or a dvd or something?


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I' feeling exactly the same. I had some horrible family news recently and my mum and I (who go to SW together) have both found being bothered about 'being good' the last thing on our minds.

Now DH, the kids and me are going to Butlins in 7 weeks I am really trying to use this as motvation.

I've decided to go back to basics...stick to red days (which I know works for me) and start to try thinking about what i'm eating before its in my mouth.

Lets try to stick to it and promise to post on here before going through with the 'sod it for today, I want chocolate' which seems to happen to me far too often!


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I think that trying something new often helps!! If you like cooking, get some recipe books and start planning meals you love the look of! The new SW mag is out this week so there'll be lots of inspiration in there!! If you don't like cooking, get the Food Directory and buy in some low syn ready meals. Just try new things and you may start enjoying it more! I think that's why I'm still so motivated, because I'm just enjoying it so much!! You can still have lots of nice sweet and chocolately things if that's your weakness (have you tried the SW Hifi bars or the Kelloggs Fibre Plus bars?), and if you can't resist a slice of pizza, you can make the potato based pizza (do a search in the search box at the top!) There are low fat/syn alternatives to so many foods! Obviously it's a good thing to exercise when you can for health reasons/toning up/making you feel better and fitter, but lots of people still lose weight on SW with little exercise so don't feel that you're failing if you're not managing to fit in triathlons every day!!! Simple things like housework, gardening and walking up stairs all help!! It is hard to stay motivated sometimes- I think we all feel like this, but why don't you take yourself back to ALL the reasons you made the decision to do this in the first place!! Write down all the benefits of doing it and then all the benefits of not doing it!!! This may help!XXXXXXXXXX
thanks for the support guys, i had doubts about going for the first time to wi but you are right i shouldnt skip it just get a reality check.
i feel better for taking a walk today but i miss doing serious exercise and company to do it! even my hubby wont come swimming or for a walk which upsets me, it seems like the only reliable exercise partner i have is my dog :)
If I feel really bad then I either copy what Funcurls said or I look at the before and after Sicky to see the photos. Really perks me up.
well im amazed i had my wi in and i was so shocked .... -2lbs and i got my 1 and 1/2 stone award i was convinced id let myself down and gained, thankyou for all your supportive words xx

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