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i need something more in my life.

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don't get me wrong i know how lucky i am i have 2 beautiful children and a great husband. we rent our home which is fine i'm not bothered about that i love our house but as the kids get older they need me less even the youngest 2.5 years cause he plays with the big one and hes at school 3 mornings a week 5 in jan. i work part time i like my job its not exciting but it means i see the kids alot but when the kids are at school or in bed i don't know what to do with myself.
i'm becoming a cdc which will give me loads to do but its the wait till i get there what do i do with myself. its like tommorrow they r both at school dh is a work and me at home on my own theres only so much housework a woman can do and as much as i love you guys i spend far to much time online.
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Hey Tinkerbellsmum,

It sounds like you are falling into a routine. Have you got some stuff that you can look forward to in the near future, like a holiday or a wedding or something?

It also sounds like you are thinking a bit negatively - your kids need you less, that could be a good thing: maybe you will have time to do some adult learning classes? They offer all sorts of really exciting stuff for anyone's taste, like foreign languages, arts, crafts (like making clothes, pottery, anything!), exercise, academic stuff like GCSEs and A-levels. Or you could do something with the Open University, depending on your academic background.

You could also maybe try to find a more fulfilling part-time job that is exciting and still gives you plenty of flexibility around your family. It may take a while to search out the perfect opportunity, but hey, that can be exciting in itself!

I started doing Arabic classes with the council and made some really great friends and I feel more confident now that I am learning a new skill.

Oh and what's a CDC? Sounds exciting!

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yeah did think of a course but they won't start till sept. we go away in 2 weeks and i'm excited but i think i have just got to a point in my life where i want something.
a cdc is a cambridge consultant hun but i am only really early days my cdc wants me to come see her office and meet some other cdc before i put in my application.
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Hey Michelle,

Good point about courses not starting till September. I just finished my job and don't have anything to do until September either, not even kids to keep me busy! I see it as a good thing, because when I get bored of sitting inside I end up doing things like making elderflower cordial, or gathering wild garlic, or going for a bike ride.

I see from your stats that you're in Nottingham. Nottingham has its own gumtree section. Gumtree is a website where people can post ads - if you go to "community" you can see all sorts of ads on there, for classes that run in the summer, but also more casual stuff like book clubs and movie clubs, exercise partners, language partners, social gatherings...at a glance I saw some stuff on there about learning to make clothes - it'd be fun to make some outfits for your little ones maybe?

It sounds like you would most like something to keep you busy and enthused, so how about joining (or even starting!) a local book / movie club? Not only does that give you something to do on your own - you have to read the book - but it also gives you great opportunities to meet new friends, who you can then hang out with.

Are there any mums at your kids' schools / playgroups who feel similar? I think it's pretty common - maybe you can organise a social gathering with them? That would be good because they might be free at similar times to you.

If you speak any foreign languages (however poorly) you could meet a language swap partner. I've done this before to try to learn French (my French is awful), and I ended up becoming really good friends with the girl. Or you could find someone who will come over to your house and do some shredding with you, or will go and play squash with you. The internet is really good for stuff like that.

If you can't see an ad that appeals, you could always post one. If you start something yourself it will be a massive success and will definitely lift your spirits.

This is your opportunity to do something you've always wanted to do (even if you never knew you wanted it, lol!).



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Gorgeous tinkerbelles mummy, firstly hello and GIANT HUGS for you!!
I've suffered from PND this year and had a very recent discussion with my therapist (OMG i sound INSANE! - i am, but thats not the point! lol) about the fact that aside from my hubby, kids, tv and food i didn't feel as if i had anything else in my life.
She recommended several things.
First make a bucket list - of all the weird and wonderful things YOU want to do before you go to that magical place in the sky. (and no, i'm not talking about the virgin atlantic plane)
Second - make a list of everything you're interested in whether its subjects you liked at school, things you quite fancy doing but never have etc
Third - ask yourself what you liked to do 'before' you became a Mum and see whether you'd still be interested in doing those things now.
Four - try anything and everything that you think you 'may' enjoy and see what sticks.

I've recently started writing after an age of not. I've also started sketching & water colour painting. I've started taking time out for myself to get my hair, nails, eyebrows, feet (and everything else you can think of) done 'just for me'.

Just put yourself out there and step out of your comfort zone. *hugs*
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hun thank you what great ideas i love them. abit like the vision board i did at a life coach class.
thank you hun i get a real happy bubble vipe from your post.
going to fo the boring house work then i'm coming back to start one list.
think i might even make it into a post to help others.


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thank you hun i get a real happy bubble vipe from your post
You're welcome sweetie. Anytime you need a chat just pm me. And my life is a constant happy bubble, well it would be if my kids would just stop bloody arguing for five minutes and CALM DOWN!!!!........and take a deep breath.............thats better......lol Look for the positives hun & if you can't find any apart from your hubby and kids (which are fantastic positives to start with but they don't half get on your nerves after a while! lol) then get out there and make some!! *HUGE HUGS*
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thanks hun.
i think it would help if my dh didn't finish work at 11am then i wouldn't feel so tied to the house.
i will find something i'm sure.
Hi Everyone
I'm a newbie i just wanted to say a quick hello i've been on CD for 6 weeks today and have lost a total of 25 pounds i am feeling really proud of my self but have still got a long long way to go i am currently on the 810 step but after 6 weeks my motivation is starting to waiver a little if anyone has any tips or suggestion for any recipes or even any good tips please let me know i would really appreciate any happy vibes at the mo.

sunshine xxxx
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Those are such good ideas, Rayven, and I am glad that you have found a way out of your PND. How are you getting on these days, Michelle? I was thinking about you only the other day.

love, SL xxx

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