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I NEED to eat!!!!

K im getting worse as the day goes on, i feel sick im shivering and all i want to do is eat i didnt realise i miseed it this much:(
im so upset iv been crying i feel this low i feel lik a failure!

I do av a bit of a plan tho and want your advice
i want to rejoin weight watchers, how soon could i do this?
i no when i start eating normal again im gonna put on weight please help cos my pharmist isnt worth giving the time of day to she dosent care
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Aw (((hugs))) its ok, its quite normal to be feeling like this.

How long have you been on LT? You only have just over a stone left to lose, looking at your ticker, thats not long to go.

If you are really struggling it might be worth adding in some food, in the same way that you do on CD - adding chicken, or quorn, or white fish, and some green veg every day. That way you are reintroducing food and its a relief to be eating, but because you arent eating carbs you will still lose weight. When you do reintroduce carbs do it very slowly and steadily and you might not put on any weight at all - I have been eating like a total horse this past week, through stress, keeping to my maintenance cals but eating A LOT of carbs - and I only put on 0.5lb. DONT PANIC, its ok!
hey i know its hard it will be my third weigh in tomorrow all i can think about is food you only have a little way to go keep your chin up! :)
i plan to be on this diet for months!!! well try!! i think the evening are the worst for me.
just think if you do it a bit longer and you maintained the weight you wont have to do it again! xx
LL I agree with Elle (hi elle), maybe youshould try to have one very small meal a day of the right food and see how you go. You only have a little more weight to lose so it should not take you long.


Back on the wagon!
How has the last day or so been Ladylipo? Hope you are feeling better??
Hi girls, tanx for all your support!
iv joined weight watchers now im determand to loose the weight still,so iv not really given up :D just going a diff way abt ait now i suppose


Back on the wagon!
Best of luck - lots of people have great sucess with WW...
Ta tell ya the truth beas iv had a really bad wk, havent stuck to it at all! iv a lot on my mind at the min dnt really wanna broadcast it on this. Feel lik i cant tell any1 :(
Lipo if there is one person on here that you feel you could tell then send them a private message because you should not keep things to yourself if they are bothering you. Im sure I speak for everyone in saying that and no-one would mind you PMing them. This is also a great place to sound out your problems becuase you dont know anyone and no-one knows you or is ever likely to meet you. I hope you dont feel like you are on your own because this site is about so much more than weight loss. Sending hugs!! ((((((:)))))))))))
Awh tanx rachel,im doin a lot better today! felt really messed up last nite but i is all good today :D
the thing is iv never told any1 it sounds silly but im afraid to!

:eek: look at a u in your new pic SWIT SWOOOOOOO..... well done, u must be so proud of your self!


Back on the wagon!
Rach is right...pm anyone of us anytime if you are feeling alone and dont want to post how you are feeling to the wider forum....no judge no jury - just people who have been there done that....this is not an easy diet! So feel you are on you own..ever!! Ok!!
Hope you are feeling brighter hun, its so hard to lose weight but you can pile it on so damn easy.........sods law eh !
We are allin the same boat on here, all losing weight no matter which way we are doing it. So do post, its like having your own personal agony aunt.
Tanx sonkie, oh tell me abt it its always so easy to put it on!
wouldnt it be great if there was some kinda magic trick you could do at nite before u went asleep and in the mornin yoour at goal lol i may keep dreamin
ooh Ladylipo I like the sound of that sort of magic trick!!
Sounds great dosent it lol
i may get my little head thinkin now and get inventing :D
Have to say I think the LT is a bit magic. I've never lost so much weight so easily before. The not feeling hungry is great and gives me alot of freedom, even though I'm still cooking for the rest of the family
I dunno how u can cook for the family and not want to eat it, that wood kill me!
i did it for 3 wks it wasnt for me, i was so weak all the time no energy at all! im doin weight watchers now so hopefully i'll loose the weight der
good luck with ww. I'm just so pleased to be losing so much weight it keeps me going. I feel great and ahve so much more energy that all helps. I quite like still be in touch with food but without any of it touching my lips. I'm slowly getting the whole family used to low fat dinners -ready for when I'm eating again and I'll be used to cooking it all and it will be the norm as opposed to my diet which it always was in the past. I'm also sorting out some of my problems with food and not using it as a crutch now.
Your def on the right track now anyway!
sounds lik you hav it all figured out, lipo is a great way of loosin weight fast, wish i could hav stck it out :(
my first wk i lost a whole stone,was an amazing feeling

how long do u plan on stayin on it for?

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