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I need to forgive and forget - ps: you dont need to read getting thoughts out :)

What am i?
Im a daughter
A Girlfriend
A Friend
A Sister
A Member of this forum
Im an average person
Im allowed to feel pain, hurt, anger, grief, love...im allowed this...yet i deny myself of it everyday..
Just because you wernt good enough for somebody doesn't mean that you have to change, doesn't mean you have to cause yourself pain, you don't have to be ill!
He cheated on you...alot, you should tell him where to go, why don't you...you think nobody will ever look at you, not even in an attractive way, you dont see anything attractive, personality, ability to laugh, being caring...nothing. You get pulled from pully to post and still do whatever he asks. Your head filled with 'those' girls......perfect something you could never match up to....
You were never good enough for her either...she ripped your work up, told you you would never achieve, told you nothing was good enough...
All this inside your head...making you ill...
This is your chance!


You will no longer abuse yourself in order to hurt those around you for all the pain they've caused you...you will forgive, put it in the past and move forward...you cannot carry the world on your own, let it be released and with it release yourself!

Free yourself of those memories, those negative feelings, this shell you coat yourself in and fly to achieve YOUR goals, not those others have set for you...you are a strong person who will conqure anything she wants....

Go and show them that they no longer hold you prisoner.


Sorry that needed to be posted somewhere i could not hide from, its too easy to delete and revert back...i hope you can appriciate this :)

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very brave x
aww thankyou :)

Hopefully will look better when ive lost this weight! bring on tuesday :D first LL meeting cant wait :p
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That was very deep and i can see you wear your heart on your sleeve you can achieve any think if you really belive you can do it. It's your time so make your dreams come true.

x x x Sam x x x
Aw sweets, I am so glad you are getting rid of these demons that have been with you, and you should be proud of yourself to do it now - while you are young. Trust me - this will save you a lifetime of sadness. I wish I had had the fortitude to do this all at your age!!!

Good on ya girl. <<hugs>>


sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
good for you hunnie xx((hugs))
believe me when i say that you are on the right track , forgiveness is the key , its the only way 'they ' loose their power and hold/control over your life and everything you do . you can do this , youve taken the steps , keep pushing no matter how much it hurts at times , we are all here to listen and hear you when you need a place to vent.
do this for you hun and you will soar xxx

and btw as mentioned before , youre a bit of a corker , whatch out world !!!!:D:D


Playing the Angel
Well done hun, for posting something so personal and deep. Sounds as if we have had some similar problems on the men front, that have had a big affect on how we feel about ourselves. I have always used writing as a way of getting my emotions out and putting things in a better place for me. If you ever want to chat about what you have been through, pm me :) But once again well done, keep moving forward on this path, it can only lead to good things for you :)



Happy in my own skin
Well done on the first steps of your journey. You will get there if you learn to let go.

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