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I need to have a rant

Go and have a soak in a nice bubble bath. I agree with BL get some marigold. I brought some the other day and I can say its a life savour, it tastes good too.


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sit on your hands!! i have actually done this before, ha. i agree with the marigold suggestion. ignore the little demons in your brain!!

abz xx
Whats marigold?
It has passed, me and oh nearly gave in...phew
Marigold Boullion drink - its a veggie broth that is basically the same as the LL Savoury drinks, but a mere fraction of the cost. You can get it at Sainsburys. LL would probably tell you its not OK, but we ALL have used it, no probs. :)

You can have 2 a day - and really help in moments like that.

Well done both of you for getting thru it.
Thank you all, thanks BL. We will have to buy some of that.
We went for a drive in car, and see kfc, we nearly drove there, but luckily we left money at home...that has happened a few times now.
I'm so worried that one day we will give in, and we dont want to.
Im off for soak in bath and chill!
Thanks again, i dont know what i would do with out all your support.


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i do cambridge and it's recommended to me by my cdc, and all the cdcs i know of, ha. and it's jubbly, if not a little too salty for my tastes...

abz xx
Hi ls, i havent attended a group yet, my first one is on monday. So hopefully will start being better from monday.
Yes i cant wait to get stuck in, i do feel like i need to get to the group to help me through this, i dont know what i would do with out you all, your my group at the moment.
Group support

Hi Lynn
You have done fantastically well on your own. You obviously have the will to succee:girlpower:d.I hope you have a good LLC for your group. If so you will re-evaluate so many things in your life.
Good luck on the next step.
Thanks slendablenda.
I am looking forward to the next step


Guess who's back...?
Well done getting through your craving in one piece Lynn... you'll be able to think back and remember that you can get past it when it happens again :). I too didn't realise you'd not started without a group... I wasn't allowed to, sob, had to wait almost a month... but glad I didn't cos it would have been tough... so hat off to ya for doing so well.. you've got will power of steel! :D xx
Aww thanks anna. I need this group more than anything now, as i seem to be craving more and more and i do fight it as much as i can. I wouldnt mind im not even hungry when im craving it. Just lost without it i suppose.

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