I need to lose 86lbs, and I'm going to do it!!

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  1. LadyArtois

    LadyArtois Member

    I started the Ultra Slim diet shakes on Tuesday so I thought I'd join a weight-loss forum aswell, just to keep my mind occupied and make sure I stay on track.

    On Tuesday I weighed 15st6lbs (how that happened I do not know.. oh yeah, I forgot.. very recent pregnancy and my LOVE of take-aways). Tonight I was a bit naughty and weighed myself expecting to see that I have lost no weight yet and, to my surprise, I have lost 4lbs!! That is just the push I need to carry on.

    Anyway, I'm going to be listing everything that I have eaten every few days (we'll see how long that lasts shall we?) and any other crap I feel like babbling on about. I'd love to read what anyone has to say, whether it'd be about what you have eaten today, the temptation of junk food, how much you have lost.. you get my point. So come have a laugh, I can be funny when I want to be :) and now I have put all this I bet nobody is going to chat, so I'll look an idiot :giggle:

    Food so far..


    Breakfast - Shake
    Lunch - Chicken, Jacket Potato and Salad.
    Dinner - Shake
    Snacks - Choc Biscuit (woops), Cashews (woops)


    Breakfast - Shake
    Lunch - Shake
    Dinner - Lasagne
    Snacks - Veg Pasta


    Breakfast - Shake
    Lunch - Shepherd's Pie
    Dinner - Shake
    Snacks - Veg Pasta
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  3. Strawberry Madness

    Strawberry Madness Full Member

    Just saw this and looks like you are on to a great start. :D
    You prob get more views/followers on the thread if it was in the weight loss diary section as this section looks like the maintenace area.

    Will be following this diary for sure!
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  4. LadyArtois

    LadyArtois Member

    Hi Strawberry :) Thank you! I can't believe how much weight you have lost! Absolutely amazing. You're doing so well.

    Yeah, bit confused because I swear it wouldn't let me post in the weight-loss section as I am brand new to this forum (!?) I'm in the maintenance section because I swear it would only allow me to post here? Odd!

    Anyway, thanks again, and I hope you reach all your goals as easily as possible!
  5. LadyArtois

    LadyArtois Member

    Ah, worked out where I was going wrong! Moved to Weight Loss section now :)
  6. mamaepic

    mamaepic Full Member

    Keep it up!!!
  7. Strawberry Madness

    Strawberry Madness Full Member

    Things going ok LadyArtois?
    by the looks of your tracker you have lost another 3lb so thats great! :)
  8. LadyArtois

    LadyArtois Member

    Hey, sorry, I haven't been on here for about 2 weeks :( I'm extremely naughty! Thank you :) And keep going with your amazing weight loss. You have clearly done so well!!

    I've moved this thread into the Weight-Loss Diary section now. I think the link is in my signature, but just incase it isnt't, here it is http://www.minimins.com/weight-loss-diary/304357-i-need-lose-86lbs-im-going-do.html

    I hope you are well, and we can chat on my other diary/thread thing!
  9. KennethHawkins

    KennethHawkins New Member


    Looks like its an older post but I am still replying as I am looking for diet plan and really liked your one.
    So, did work for you as I think I am going do the same.:)

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