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"I need to lose weight......"


I will do this!!!
needed or wanted ?

and the ideal mix is both!!

I needed to reduce weight because I had crippling back ache, I was pissing blood due the amount of brufen I was taking and I struggled to get upstairs.

I wanted to because I wanted to go on holiday and have a nice time.

The mix of need and want are potent !! :)



I will do this!!!
I needed to because i had a slipped disk so had terrible back pain and i couldn't even cuddle my new baby.

I wanted to because iv been unhappy with my weight since i was 17 (now 24) and just want to wear nice clothes and go out with my friends. I feel too eshamed about my weight to see friends so i hated seen my best mate in over 2 years!!
hi, my clothes size was getting bigger, i was finding it hard to do things get up off the floor and walk for a long time i was feeling the weight i was carting about, i felt old, i didnt like to see myself in a long mirror i was massive and photos i hated seeing photos of myself i just couldnt get over how big i had got i had let myself go not even thinking i need to be healthy for my children i need to be around for a long time my kids need me. jenni xxxxxxxxxxxxx
i needed to lose weight cos crouching down was so painful after about 2 mins. I struggled to get down to the skerting boards to clean them, I hit the stearing wheel everytime i get in and out of the car. The desk i work behind is not very big and i would bump into ppl when ever i moved about, my job requires walking around a large warehouse and if i walked along side a customer i would be panting cos i was out of breath. I had to heave myself out of bed. I stopped going out cos all my clothes looked silly on me (thats what i saw in the mirror, even when others said i looked fine) i am fed up of going into plus size shops and the biggest of all I WAS JUST STARTING TO LEAVE A SIZE 24 AND ABOUT TO ENTER A SIZE 26!!
I wanted to lose weight cos i want do things with my friends, i want to be a girl and not the fat girl, i want to look good on the dance floor and i want to be healthy like i was 10yrs ago!
I needed to lose weight when I realised the next size clothes would be a 24 and I utterly refused to buy them.
I wanted to lose my weight because I could feel my self sinking in to a bout of depression and didnt want the merry go round to keep happening
I decided i needed to lose weight when it was getting difficult to do anything without being in pain, on new years day 2006 i broke my leg in two places and dislocated my ankle (nearly lost my foot as the ankle wouldnt stay in and my foot kept turning black) it took 5 months to get out of plaster and another 10 months to get the all clear to exercise on it again. Before this i was big but was always fit with it mightve weighed 18 stone but could run around and keep up with the best of them after 15 months of no exercise whatsoever and developing arthritis in my left hip, knee and ankle because walking wonky due to the ankle i couldnt get back up to speed to exercise again . I piled on 2 1/2 stone the weight wasnt helping my ankle or my arthritis . I met Mr G and he likes walking in the country and along the beach i was getting totally out of breath after 10 minutes and felt such a spanner, I also decided he was the one!! and we decided that we want babies so I needed to lose weight for that !. I can honestly say I was happy and confident even when i weighed 18 stone i didnt want to necessarily lose weight as i was happy the way i was but the extra 2.5 stone plus arthritis plus the whole babies thing kicked me into gear

Anyway essay done :)

Gen xx
because i hated myself so much,i was disgusting and felt ashamed.

i didnt want to go out or do anything as i felt people were staring at me ! which had an affect on my children as they were limited as to where we would go etc

i was constantly down in the dumps 'although i do still suffer with depression but not as badly '

i felt so unfit,blood pressure was through the roof,tired constantly.

size 26 was getting 2 tight !

fed up with wearing the same old stuff because i never wanted to go out shopping for clothes as it used to depress me so much, i would cry for hours after

i never enjoyed eating anymore,i just ate for the sake of it

list could go on and on but these were just a few examples...
Stop smoking last July and i've put 2 1/2 stone, none of my clothes would fit me and it got to the stage were I did not want to go out and socialise and i'm a bit of a party animal lol.. oh and my brother said to me "u put weight on chubby" !!!


I will do this!!!
It may have been a depressing thread to put up but i think its aways good to remind yourself why your doing this diet. Well done and good luck to everyone x :)


Is thinking positive!
I realized that I needed to lose weight when I was sometimes finding it hard to walk a short distance and getting out of breath and feeling a lot of discomfort, And plus the fact I was finding it difficult to buy nice clothes that fit me :cry::(


Peace Love Happiness
Seeing photos of myself and feeling discusted, unable to look in the mirror without feeling depressed. Sick of having two cupboards full of clothes that don't fit me....And sick of moaning about it, just one day I thought duck it! I am going to do this, I'm fed up of feeling like this and need to change.
I could hardly put my socks on or tie my shoelaces, my stomach(s) got in the way. I'm an apple shape. Easter egg on legs shape. Size 12 jeans, size 20 tops.

My lower back aches when my bust gets too heavy. I admit, I'm a yo-yo dieter, although I can go about 2 years at a stable-ish weight then all of a sudden cross some kind of threshold and the extra weight hurts me.

I also ride a pony, and he's a strong enough lad but it can't be very nice for him having a big fat mamma bouncing around on his back.

So the blubber has to go. It's well on it's way, too... :D
my brother always used to make fun and poke my belly and say 'whats have u been eating' (when i was my slim size) and i used to think i was fat then. then over time my mum made comments people asked if i was pregnant and a couple people at work commented.... and i thought nothing of it. then one day i went shopping, went in the changing room took my top off and thats when i noticed how much i had put on then suddenly i noticed my clothes didnt fit. i didnt even notice the inbetween sizes of me puttin on weight just then and now. so i really want to get back to how i was.
I broke down in the middle of work cos they were organising a night out & I was so disgusted with how I look I couldnt go with them :-(

I also cant reach to paint toe nails or tie laces without cutting off circulation & turning blue

Me & Hubby are on it cos we dont have a sex life cos we are just fat & wobbly & not attractive (thats how it felt) but we are actually smiling at each other this week & wink wink well a bit of excerise has gotta help hasnt it lol

I felt my kids will get ridiculed for my size

+ My feet were shouting 'get off me you fat BLEEP' & basically I was in pain with all the weight I was carrying around.

(Good thread hun thanks)
I knew for a long time I needed to lose weight. But knowing and doing are two very separate things arn't they.
I used to scan the room wherever I was and I was always the biggest. Bubbly personality outside but miserable on the inside. Collegue in work started LT and I was impressed with the weight losses, then my friend in work said she was going to start TFR diet... didn't want to be left out and the rest is history.
Can't believe how really happy I feel in such a short time.
Another 11lb to lose and I will be the lightest I have been in about 12 years :D