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I need to put something in my mouth!!!


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Hey everyone.

Am new to this, but this I am approaching my 3rd LT weigh in, and having read all the inspiring stories on here I am determined not to give it up.

But i am soooooo bored, i still constantly want to eat something. I have slipped a couple of times and eaten crackers, nibbled on fruit or crisps from the kids packets. Tonight I even had a teaspoon of mashed potato...it never tasted so good.

I have spring cleaned every room in house, redecorated the bathroom and have joined the gym...does anyone have any other suggestions to keep my food demons at bay?????
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Hi Bootylicious,

I'm new to the diet and am on Day 9. I am bored 2 and really struggled today.

I wondered if you could make chocolate shake up as a mousse and freeze it to make ice cream, but not sure if it changes the nutritional content? Perhaps someone else knows.

I suppose to overcome the boredom the desire to be slim needs to be greater than the desire to eat.

Has your nibbles affected your weightloss or not?


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i was going to this make it a ice cream but you got to drink it with in 15 minutes as the nutriens in the shakes start to break down and you miss out on them try adding lot more ice and a sweeetner then liquidisze it lush think shake just hang in there and what ever you do dont cheat on it or whats the point it just makes it harder to get back on trac it does get easyer trust me the first two weeks for me was a nightmare as iam a chef and cooking 6 days a week just remmber it will get better and the results you get from doing lipotrim it makes it worth it good luck both of you


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i dont think thers an easy way 2 do this diet its hard not 2 eat but if you want to lose the weight this diet is great but if you cheat thers no point in doing it at all
ther is the lipotrim maintance wher you have 1 meal at night or diet chef wher they send you the food if you reely need 2 eat sumthin hope this helps


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Hey bootylicious

:wavey: Don't nibble!!! No no!! A really good tip I received from this forum is DRINK water, it really has helped me stave off hunger. Another thing to motivate is think how awkward it is being overweight, how much better you will feel with maybe just 10lbs off. This is a really effective diet regime its just a case of getting into the right frame of mind. Also try going for a walk when bored, a trip around the block will do good, or as one other member advised when feeding her family she would put the food on the table and then come straight to this forum while her family ate.
Don't give in!!


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hay no picking, keep yourself busy, go for walks or read i use to love reading it kills time im just getting use to sticking to it and im finding it hard but iv learnt lt is not for life in my case its a couple months then i can have treats in MODERATION, just stick with it youll be fine 100 percent in = 100 percent off the weight you wana lose xxxx


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Hi Bootylicious,
Hope you are feeling better today and fought that demon. From reading what people say on here it seems that if you eat you put your head and body back into eating mode and this makes you pick even more, then you are knocking yourself out of ketosis, getting back into ketosis, knocking yourself out, in, out and continuing in that pattern making it much harder for yourself. I hope it doesn't get too hard for you. Wising you loads of support and success. Take care.


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I know it's hard the first week, I just kept telling myself that it would not last long and that if I just got through the next hour without food and drink water it would go. After about the 4th day without eating the craving stopped and got easier.
If you need something in your mouth how about an ice cube to suck on. Best of luck and you can do it, once you get to ketosis it is easier. Just think how much you want to lose weight and that it is temporary and you will return to eating food when you have lost your weight.
Good luck and keep off the nibbles honestly it makes even harder.


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:copon: Do not pick.....you will only kick yourself out of ketosis and prolong your LT journey. I know how tempting it is, and yes, I was close to tears sometimes I wanted to eat so bad. But I did NOT give in and nibble, then came the time, well into my first 2 weeks when food was NOT an issue, even though I cooked every day. Hunger vanished and it will do for you too....IF you DONT nibble.....


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Ask yourself hun, do you really need that fruit? do you really want that cracker?

Any taste of 'real food' will bring hunger back with a vengeance, making it very hard to stick to the diet.

If you watched the DVD, remember they said you must be strict. Only the best results come from doing this diet 100%. Yes it is very hard for some on the first week, but as soon as you adapt to it for the first week or two, it becomes mere childs play compared to when you started.

Do whatever you can to distract yourself, and keep drinking lots of water. I too am a bored eater, I can understand why you want to nibble on things. But what do you want more?

Food that will always be there when LT is over?
Or the body you've always wanted?

I was tempted to cheat myself on LT, but I know that it would affect my weightloss.

LT is so worth it babe, follow it it strictly, you won't be dissapointed :hug99:


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Wow Yasmine your words are so inspirational xx


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i know it sounds rubbish but i suck and chew icecubes. you have something to nibble, its only water and it takes AGES. and usually after you've done one you dont want to do another so that demon has been frozen a bit - s'cuse the pun


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Wow Yasmine your words are so inspirational xx
Thank you :), I hope this helps everyone. I would love to see more people succeed on LT because I've seen what comes after it. So many people on here have inspired me through their wisdom and their pictures.
Take a look at the success stories forum and look at all those who've lost their weight. They are truly amazing and inspiring people :D


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S: 13st10lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 24.9 Loss: 2st0lb(14.58%)
LOL that actually does help you know sarahlou. But I hated it when my lips went blue and numb, I could hardly talk ROFL!


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LOL!! i know!! and the last thing you want in the cold days of Ketosis but if it stops the cravings - totally worth it!! xx


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Hi my advice would be to split your shakes into 2 and introduce flapjacks, i.e half a choc shake and half a flap jack at lunchtime and the same for dinner.
Add mint tea or black coffee to your vanilla or choc shake, or make a latte/ hoc choc out of them.
Sprinkle herbs or paprika/curry powder onto your soup.
Also to think of your shakes as medicine to lose weight not as food was the best advice my pharmacist gave me, and to keep on this forum as much as possible. as poss. If you slip up you tend to go out of ketosis and that will make you hungry and crave more.
Just think it is only a few weeks oput of your life to lose the week, and as yasmine said food is available after you finish! Good Luck!x


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I split my shakes and my flapjack so I have a few small 'meals' a day. I usually have 1/2 flapjack around 11am, 1/2 shake around 2pm, another 1/2 shake around 5pm, a full soup around 8.30pm, then my other 1/2 flapjack around 9.30pm as my night-time 'snack'!
It helps that I only like the shakes with lots of crushed ice so I end up with a pint at a time, I take a full soup because I find it too small to split. I find having something regularly helps keep me from craving food, and having a routine means I know when I'm next going to 'eat' so I don't give in!


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Things I notice about being on this diet and as the weight is coming off.

1)I'm fitting into my old clothes again
2)I'm no longer needing to go into Evan's, I go shopping in Primark and other high street stores and look for a size 18, not the biggest size in the shop!
3)When painting my toenails, I don't have as big a tummy getting in the way restricting me, making it difficult
4)The longer I'm on the diet, the less I think about picking at food, fortunately for me, I've not slipped up but all thoughts about slipping up, have seemed to have gone.
5)I feel a lot more confident within myself, not just because of how I'm changing physically, but because I'm pushing myself and am surprised at how my willpower is conquering everything

See, these are reasons why I keep going and why I don't put anything other than the shakes and water in my mouth. I guarantee you hun, if you keep going, these things will happen to you and you won't think about it. You can do it, I have faith in everyone on this site. Everyone is inspirational in their own special way and so are you hun!
Just think of the reasons as to why you're doing this and keep them in your mind. The positive results will soon phase out all the thoughts of needing to eat or anything else like that.

:D:D xxx


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God I can't stand the coldness of ketosis! I'm still cold now and I'm refeeding! lol must be because of less fat too.


One last chance
S: 13st10lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 24.9 Loss: 2st0lb(14.58%)
Well said Abbie, and well done on your achievements so far :)