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Okidokes guys I need you all!!

Lost 5 stone last year, had some family probs (relationship, lost my job) and ended up putting 2 and a half stone back on between January and now. Have tried a couple of times to start up again but managed a few days then lost track. Didn't help that I didn't have the tinternet so couldn't get on minimins for the support!!!

Well tinternet is up and running again now, I have 2 weeks of packs to use in my cupboard plus 3 tubs of mix-a-mousse for some reason lolol so no excuses......I have a burlesque themed party to go to end of july so have set myself a target to get rid of that 2 and a half stone by then.....but....I NEED YOU GUYS TO KEEP ME ON THE STRAIGHT AND NARROW!!!!! I didn't realise just how helpful this site was until I couldn't use it, I can now be on every evening to update and read other posts and threads, so please help me and I will help others as much as I can.

Oh, I work as a chef so to know that some of you are perched on my shoulders every time i'm tempted will be a great help!

would be really nice if we could get the 'Sunshine Group' thread up and running again too.....seems to be full of tumbleweed and not a lot of posts at the mo!

Looking forward to hearing from you all! (in hope)
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Well done on your great loss!!!! You CAN DO IT AGAIN!!! Tell yourself everyday how well you are doing to stick with it and how HOT you are going to look when you go to your party.

Best of luck with your weight loss :)
Greenygirl thankyou for your reply!

I just had to go back and update ticker a second time this morning lol cos i was basing my weight on what the Superdrug scales said on monday.....and I was 5lbs less today! Must be doing something right! So now instead of 2 and a half stone it's now 2 stone 1lb.

Do you have a target date for yourself in mind? x
I have a wedding to attend on the 29th July. Ideally I would like to lose 2 stone and look like my spotty dress pic but realistically I would be happy with 1stone and not looking pregnant! I am doing herbalife- my 1st week and I have lost 1inch of my (jelly) belly so pleased with that.

Hi Suzie,

Well done on your weight loss, I hit my 5st loss today and although I have some way to go it really is a wonderful feeling. You can do this, you sound so determined and was there ever a bigger incentive to look fabulous and strut your stuff than a Burlesque themed party :D.

How do you handle working as a chef I admire you as I would find it torturous lol. Best of luck with your restart.

Sharon xx
Thanks Sharon believe me it is torturous! I try not to taste everything but obviously need to, my colleagues don't really have the same tastes as me so sometimes it doesn't work!

I managed really well during the week, then Saturday and Sunday it all went a bit wrong. Slunk to see my lady to get weighed but was pleasantly surprised that i stayed exactly the same which was plain lucky. She's given me a real good peptalk and said if i can lose 7lbs this week she'l give me a free bar bless her, challenges like that do tend to help me.

I worked it out now that I have to lose 6lb week to hit target for the party, if I'm no where near i won't be going :-(


Mad as a Hatter
Hiya hunni

Welcome back to the forum and to your support network

I am on day 2 of my numerous restarts but this time it feels for real so I will be here to egg you on

Have a great day

Ok, so I did'nt quite hit my 7lbs this week, only managed 4 sigh. Bit pee'd off tho as I did weigh myself Monday and I'd done the 7, but weighed myself morning of WI (I know.....naughty naughty!!!) and it showed I'd gone up again sigh. I know I'm not going to do the 15 stone by the party so I thought I'd go for 15 and a half, but tht seems out of the window too. 25 days to lose 21lbs?????? AAGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!! Cummon guys, where are you all???? Sob xx
Lovely to see you again Madferret!! xx
Ok I'm psyched up to try a chocolate and mint shake in a minute. I don't normally like that flavour in hot chocolate or ice cream, but fancied a change. Anyone else tried this one and what is it like? x
Is feeling very alone right now..... :gen157:
Hey Suzie,

I'm pretty sure if you don't lose 21lbs then you will be very near that target as it is almost 4 weeks away.

Over the last couple of weeks I've got into the habit of weighing myself daily and it does my head in. It is fluctuating so much at the moment (hot weather, water retention, totm..the list of endless) and if there was no movement on the scale it affected my mood that day even though I still had a good loss on my official WI day. I've weighed in today and vowed that it will only be once a week from now on.

Get your head down, keep glugging that water and I'm sure you'll be rewarded with good losses.

Hope you're feeling much brighter today xx
Thanks Sharon, hope you have had a good week so far? I tried the chocolate and mint shake and it wasn't too bad surprisingly. I did feely really down, but you're right, we should stick to one wi or ok, maybe one halfway through the week just to kep us on the straight and narrow lol! x


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Hi Suzie,
Just wanted to say hi and a big 'well done!' for everything so far. I know it's tempting to get hung up on the short term goals, and they are important, but when it is feeling frustrating don't forget to remember the big picture too.
I have been so angry with myself just lately for regaining some of my weight, but then my boyfriend reminded me that I am still 2.5 stone lighter than before I ever did CD, which is amazing when you think about it like that!

Very much sympathise about the daily WIs. I can't help myself and it really doesn't do any good at all. I also have a mild addiction to Ketostix at the moment, and need to put them away as I have a massive downer whenever it seems like I'm not in good ketosis. Aaargh!

Anyway, carry on, you are doing brilliantly. x
hey, don't get yourself down or hung up on losing x amount by x date. your body will loose and sometimes stress can make you not loose so well.
just think that whatever you loose and it will be plenty will make people see a difference in you. you will look so much better and totally amazing.

just please don't stress. a realistic loss is around 4lbs per week. or a stone a month.
Letty and Great things, thankyou for your kind words. And just look at your tickers!! You've done so well and hardly any way to go! I keep reminding myself that I'm wearing size 16 clothes instead of the size 24's I was wearing, and can go to 'normal' shops! Phsychologically though it is the 'seeing the numbers come done on the scales' rather than how I look etc.

Don't think I will have done well when I get weighed on Tuesday tho, but won't give up!! x
welcome back nursedi!! xx I'm sure with all this motivation we shall all do well
Right, how are we all doing? I've still being doing the good few days, bad few days thing and havn't ended up losing a bean sigh. No excuse now, last few days have been a doddle so hopefully my brain is getting back into it. Just found out I'm actually not being made redundant so yeyyyyyy and here's to not being a stresshead and finding it easy to stick to!

Oh the burlesque party didn't happen in the end, she had a party at hers and we went up the pub instead. Was painfully aware of being the biggest (and oldest) there, and when she put the pics on facebook that was drummed home big time. So now when I'm tempted I think of those (group pics with skinny minnie 21 year olds aaaaggggghhhhhh!!!) not good!!

Hope everyone is doing well and tickers are going down nicely xxxxxx

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