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I need your ideas...

Ok...I am running our class next week! Consultant is on holiday and we've not got a replacement coming in...so I am doing it!

The class are a nice bunch and I'm not worried about standing up and talking to them - I'm used to leading meetings and doing presentations and stuff for work.

I have been mulling over how to run the 'image therapy'. Our group is quite informal - we go round the group and discuss how we've done, whether good or bad and have general discussion. I'm happy for it to go that way, but I'd like to steer the discussion around something that people will find useful and interesting.

What are some of the good discussions you've had in class? What do you find useful? What do you dislike?

Thanks you lovely lot!
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I loved what my C did 2 weeks ago - she asked us to each say why we were there (or something else positive if we didn't wanna say that) and a useful hint like a recipe or something. It was awesome, really bonded the group more and was a good, postive evening. Then at the end we all stood up and she said to sit down when she said what we'd lost: 1/2lb, 1lb etc until there was one left - which was out SoW but might not be depending on yuor group (if you did this).

Was a slant on the normal group but I loved it - made me leave with bounce in step xx
I like that... Why are we here? Give us your best tip? Something like that.

I might get them doing an activity - writing something down...like one of the above...then I could read them out and we could discuss.



I will succeed!!!
That would be good (writing it down) as it could be anon then too incase anyone is shy :)


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I agree with the writing down idea thats really good, maybe after you weigh them hand them a pen and a piece of paper and ask them to write down just a few sentences about why they want to lose weigh, obviously we know why they are there lol :) I wish we did something like that at our class..we just tend to talk about random things
Yeah that's what I'm thinking. People can remain anon if they choose, so are possibly more likely to be frank about their reasons for losing and stuff...

This is great :D
Idea for you.....

Attending SW classes and being on the plan is something that we all have in common - But why people are there can be very different...

Create little pledge cards for everyone. You get everyone to think about something - Every one just writes down a little thing over the next 4 weeks that they plan to change or do to either make themselves feel better, reward themselves or to do something they haven't done in a while ( maybe their weight has stopped them from doing it ??)

let some poeple reveal what they have written - gets a good discussion going and people start to bond...

The leader then collects them in and then gives them back in 4/6 weeks and use this as part of the dicussion for another class.

Did they manage to achieve ?? If they did - How they feel ??
If they didnt what could class do to support them to achieve it ?

Hope this makes sense.....


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People might feel self concious about saying why they're there or what made them join. We had a replacement consultant who asked everyone the usual, but when someone said "it's been good" she said tell us why, what did you do, how did you feel share tips, and when someone said "it's been [email protected]" asked why then asked us how we dealt with rubbish weeks, or what we did to stay focussed. that meant those who wanted to join in could and those who wanted to be quieter did so. made the group alot closer i think.
Thanks for all your suggestions. I will let you know how it goes tonight!!


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i always like it when it's funny so you could ask people to fess up what there cheats are like we had a discussion bout what we cheat for heb's jokingly saying if we were in that sort of mood we'd have a flap jack lol or it's always good to go over junk food and guess which one has the highest syns and suggest alternatives.
I just ate a cheese and bacon burger for my lunch and it was FIT AND FREE
Tesco healthy living bun (1 hex B)
Healthy living mince with onion and seasoning
2 rashers of fat free bacon
2 slices cheese (1 hex A)
Onion, mustard, lettuce and gherkin

What about a feature on making junk food SW friendly? Everyone can come up with ideas of what food they make which feels like a cheat but is actually within plan?

A though inspired by my fantastic lunch


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Love cocktailprincess' idea about healthy junk food! You could ask them for their fave junk foods this wek and ask them to SW them for next week...we can all give you a hand if anyone comes up with anything tricky!

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Get them to all dance naked and throw flowers in the air, then sit in a circle and chant about Scan Bran.

OR, just do what the others have suggested.

Good luck! I know you will be awesome. :D


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My Consultant did an activity a while back were she had three ingredients.
A tin of tomatoes
28g of potato
And pasta.

We each had to choose an ingredient and suggest what we would do with it. The same 3 ingredients were passed around the group and we all had to come up with something different.

A good way of group bonding. Very usefull for ideas to. x

Mrs V

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Good luck this evening Huni,.....some fantastic ideas here for you!!!
Our consultant played a game one week which consisted of :

spliting the group into teams of 6 and starting with the letter A and working through to Z we had to list a free food (on both green and red days ) and a syned food (without looking it up in the book) writting down the syn value. You scored a point for every correct answer and deducted the difference you were out on the syns from your total. It made us realise just how little we knew about syned food that was for sure lol. We had a good laugh though and it got you thinking about the more unusual free foods too. The prize was a packet of mug shots each for the winning team. Best of luck and have an enjoyable evening. xx
Well, my first consultant experience was great!!

Not that many people actually stayed to class, but I think that was partly because the room was soooo warm. A few of the regulars didn't turn up, which was a shame, but it's quite a small class anyway and it's holiday season. I had enough to run the group though.

Managed my SoW and dishing out the awards for stones and half stones. Quite a few of those. Talked to people individually, handled 3 new members and did some 'activities'! I did a food quiz - pics of stuff and got them to guess the syns and suggest healthy alternatives. That got discussion going. Then we all wrote our hints and tips down and we shared those, which also prompted some good discussion.

I loved it! If I wasn't so busy, I could easily get used to doing it regularly. Hmm...will have to think of fun things for next week now!

Thanks again for all your suggestions...it really helped :D
Very well done on the positive meeting! Oh, just seen you're on Twitter, do you mind if I follow you? :)

Of course...follow away. I am a bit sporadic with tweets, but add me, by all means :D

Scarlet Daisy

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Cool! I'm so glad things went well! I think it looks like fun, running a group. Your night sounds like it was better than my class (although our consultant is lovely).

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