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I need your opinion pls

Okay, will try and keep this short and sweet. My mum has done slimming world before and the consultant she had was fanastic the area manager and the best one around. She lost 3 stone with her. When i decided that I wanted to join and mum wanted to as well we were going to both go to that con but couldn't because of the time of her group.

So we go to the different one, there are about 30 ppl that sign in, only about 10 stay. In that group I am part of the social team and like it because it is small.

I as starting to find it very demotivating, I find myself going into group and not saying much, sitting looking at the ground and not really wanting to partake. Last week was horrible, the con did not read my body language, kept going on about me and it just didn't rub right with me. I hated it infact and I am usually fine in social situations. She made me doubt everything that I have learnt about slimming world and the diet. She does not motivate me and whenever it comes to giving advice she asks the members and not herself - I usually end up advicing and right now I feel like I am paying a fiver a week to tell people about the diet.

So, as I am finishing uni in a couple of weeks I will have that night free and I will be able to go and join the other con's group with my mum (which she is happy about) but I am not sure if it is the right thing do it.
I don't think I have lost the weight because of the current con or the advice she has given me as I have mentioned before I have never contacted her outside of group.

Also to top it all she sent me an Ecard congratulating me on my 2 stone award and spelt my name wrong. :rant2:

What do you think you would do?? x x
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Mad as a Hatter
Ok - and this is my own opinion...

I have been a member of several SW groups, switching due to more convenient days, times, location etc... and I find myself time and time again going back to my orginal group and leader as she is the best.
She has never judged me for re-joining or switching groups and always welcomes me back with open arms - she even keeps an eye on me on FaceBook.. hence why I am going back to her class to rejoin today !

You need support and motivation on your weightloss journey, so you need to find a leader that works for you - not against you, but then again, if no-one tells her that she is doing it wrong, then she will never learn..

Like I said, just my opinion
Yeh I can understand that...it is hard because she has been a con for 15 years, for me to come in after doing the diet for 16 weeks and tell her that she demotivates me and I don't find her very supportive could be quite hard for her to take or understand

Do whatever you feel is right for you - reading your message I think changing groups would be the best for you.

You appear to have got into a rut with your current consultant and a change to the group that you originally wanted to go to would, I believe. give you the inspiration you want.



Mad as a Hatter
Not if you do it in the right way... I think that you have proved the point with how many people actually stay to class... if she was more motivating maybe more would stay

I am not saying that you should go in all guns blazing but just had a chat to her at the start or the end of class and tell her how she is making you feel... if you still don't feel that anything is going to change then you have done all you can and as your book says, you are free to join another class without recrimination as long as your fees are up to date

You don't have to justify your reasons for moving group to her, all you need say is that now your circumstances have changed the other group is more convienent.



Silver Member
Personally I would change groups, if you are feeling like this now then it isn't going to be long before you stop going altogether & start getting back into bad ways. I love the group I go to but there is a possibility that a day time is going to open near to where I work & I am considering giving it a go because of the convenience but the C has to be able to motivate me, if they don't then I know I will stop going.
yeah thats cool, thanks for your opinions...it has helped to confirm in it in head a bit better.
Just suit yourself hon! At the end of the day, what motivates one person, mightn't for the next person........ we are all different. If I were you, I wouldn't say anything to her, I would just go to my preferred group.

Good luck with the rest of your journey, its lovely you are doing it with your mum xxx


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If you need to change group - do it. I did just over a year ago for a variety of reasons - not the least that it meant i got home slightly earlier - plus regardless of training, best intentions, etc, there are two things that make a good group:

1) The consultant
2) The people in the group

I never felt i properly fitted in at my first group, and having had the oppurtunity to try the one i swapped to a few times (i used to weigh in near work, but refused to do a 50mile round trip to weigh-in on my days off) - i felt more "at home" there, so when things changed and it became viable to swap to that group full time - i did.

At the end though -this journey is about you - you want/deserve/need the best atmosphere for you to be able to complete the journey - so do what you need to do.


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