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I NEEEEEEED motivation!!

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Hi everyone, this my first thread!

I'm a 28 yr old girl (!) who has tried to lose weight for the past ten years. I have previously been on ww and have recently started again. I started off really well and lost 1 stone in my first month but now my motivation has gone :cry: I need help!

I have joined a gym this morning and am looking for a programme that will help the weight drop off quickly but will also improve my fitness levels. Any ideas?? I've got 7 stone to lose and it seems like such a long way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hey Hun!
I gotta agree with Nikki on this one.... keep a Diary on Minimins! I started my diet the beginning of Jan with my usual Half-hearted attitude, I didn't think it would last and certainly wasn't putting lots of effort into it. Then I decided to keep a diary on here, it gave me some accountability. And after losing weight the 1st week and seeing it on the screen, it gave me the motivation to carry on. Around 3weeks into the diet is when I usually give up, and I didfeel like giving up and I did have a few blips but I got back on track the next day. I had one 'stay the same', then started losing weight again! I'm trying to be more realistic this time. Usually if I go over my points I think 'to hell with it' and go on a 2week binge, but this time I would just draw a line under it and get back on track the next day. 1 bad day isn't going to ruin weeks of weightloss!

I actually look forward to updating my weighin results on here every week. There are lots of other members feeling exactly the same way you do, so you will get lots of support here. There is also something therapuetic about writing your food diary down for the day and also writing down your feelings and thoughts. You can look back over your diaries and see triggers and areas you can improve on. You also get other members helping you with different ideas and perspectives. Elkay has turned me to a Bagel convert, Cupcake Katie has given me a drive to cook and has taught me the world of homemade chips, butternut squash chips and boy does her Toad-in-the-Hole sound amazing! Another member mentioned Lightly salted Snack a Jack popcorn at only half a point a bag which has been a real snack life saver!

Try and stay with it Hun! You've lost a whole STONE!!!!!!!! And that is a huge achievement! You should be so proud of yourself!

Also break it down into small achievable goals, so you get an extra boost every so often. For example, Aim to lose half a stone, Aim to walk a certain amount of minutes or miles each week, Aim to get into a certain dress size, something I added as an aim was to tighten my belt one more notch, and I got such a boost when I achieved that! Anyway you get the idea! It looks great to see mini goals in your signature and to have DONE written next to it. Try not to look at the amount you have to lose as a whole or you'll get disheartened just like I did. Maybe even treat yourself every time you reach one of your goals, have your hairdone, get a manicure, buy yourself a book, some shoes or whatever you are into.

I hope you keep posting here and I'll be looking out for your diary!!!!
Goodluck Hun!!!!!!
Just work on a daily basis - don't think about the weeks or months ahead. But plan your meals and what you will take for lunch etc. I do that because otherwise -I'd be screwed - I work on a construction site and we have a canteen so when I get to work all i can smell is bacon! But I bring my own breakfast and lunch to avoid the temptation of eating down there. Cook some of your own stuff too if you spend time preparing your own meals it's nice to sit down and enjoy it. If you want treats fill your house with ww treats and try to allow yourself a few splurge points.. so you can have a couple of biscuits or a packet of french fries or a skinny cow ice cream..I fill myself up mainly on salad and sugar free jelly and fruit during the day so I have those extra points in the evening if I want a treat. On Friday evening I had pork chow mein from the chinese and a galaxy ripple :)
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Whey hey! Seeing as i was mentioned i felt i should post!! See everyone here is soooo lovely and supportive! I cook alot so if your interested pop over but honestly it just keeps me interested and the fact that its helping other people makes me alot more enthusiastic and excited to find new recipes to share with you lot, to keep you interested too :)
Best of luck sweetheart, go for a stone at a time, or even half a stone and make a little marker for it in yout tag to show us all how great you are doing!!! A diary is a fab idea, it really does help make you tink about your choices because letting everyone else see it makes you think twice about the biccyss trust me! You can do this, you have shown that by loosing a stone already. Take it a step at a time and we will be behind you every step of the way. x
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Well I can't really add as its all been said everyone here is very helpful and encouraging try and make it a daily stop you'll soon become addicted and then you'll want to do well all the time
sending you lots and lots of Motivation vibes, you can do it hun


must lose twinny belly :)
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hi hun and welcome to minimins
ive been a ww yo yo dieter for a while but seem to be doing ok now and this site is amazing
Hi and welcome to the site, congratualtions on your 1stone weight loss, and as it was said above this is a great place for help and motivation, don't think of what you have to lose, just take it one day at a time, and plan your meals ahead of time. good luck in your weight loss journey.

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