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I new a new scale!

I used to have a very very old scale. My grandmother gave it to me about 20 years ago. That means that it didn't have many functions at all. But unfortunately it seems to be broken and so I need to buy a new one. But there are so many different scales! What should I buy? Just a very simple one which shows me weight and a scale which gives me some more information?
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The all singing all dancing ones are not really necessary. A digital scale is the best as the weight locks on. The mechanical ones can be manipulated depending on how you stand on them, even the very expensive ones.

Hope this helps.
Thanks a lot for your statement. So I think I am going to buy a digital one. Are there any other things which are important to know before buying the scale? Or do you maybe even know a good scale which you would recommend to me? Thanks a lot for you help!
i think im going to buy a digital one as well. i have one you stand on and the scale moves....but i think it's a bit off and I can't get it back to zero. so as long as it starts right at zero it should give you an accurate reading

Deb G

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I like digital, and I also one that telss you body fat too - mainly because sometimes if you haven't lost actual weight, you might have gone down a body percentage mark or two. Since starting LL I have gone from 36% body fat to 24%. Its not 100% accurate, but it is a very good guideline. You don't usually have to pay a lot extra for the body fat monitor being on it either!

Quick note though - place it on the flat (tiled/laminated) floor. I can can weigh about half a stone lighter if I weigh on carpet! Therefore I put it on the same part of my tiled floor each time I weigh!
Yeah actually this is a great idea. Sometimes I am very frustrated not having lost any weight although I followed my program very stricty. But maybe I have lost body fat then. I have never owned such ascale before, but I am going to check out the prices in the store. As long as such a scale isn't too expensive I am going to buy one. Thanks!


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Hi have a look on ebay there are some good ones a bit cheaper xxxx
Mine cost under a tenner from woolworths and are spot on but only do weight not bodyfat and water ect ect xxx
And are you satisfied with you scale or would you recommend me to buy a scale which provides you with information about body fat and so on as well? I've never thought about buying a scale on ebay, because scales aren't too expensive, are they? Probably the postage is higher the actual price :)


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I bought some fabulous digital Salter scales on ebay - they can weigh in pounds/kilos/stones

Apparently the bodyfat scales aren't that accurate on the bodyfat issue - so I didn't bother with that.


Deb G

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Apparently the bodyfat scales aren't that accurate on the bodyfat issue - so I didn't bother with that.
No - they're not 100% accurate - you need someone to do the pincer test thing to get it 100% accurate, but you WILL see a noticeable difference. Mine was 37.1% at the start and 24.5% now!:D
Finally I bought a new scale. I just asked the assistant in the shop what kind of scale would be good for somebody who tries to lose weight. He suggested me to buy a digital one which provides you with information about body fat and so on. I also checked out some scales on ebay but I didn't want to buy it in the internet because of the garantie and stuff like that. Anyways thanks for your help!

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