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I now get hungry....


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I just wondered if anybody has the same problem:
Before SW i didnt used to eat any breakfast, infact i wouldn't really eat anything until my lunch break at 1pm. The problem is, now that i eat breakfast at my desk (normally 2 pieces fruit & 2 alpen lights or a mullerlight) i am completely starving by about mid-day! :confused:
Does this happen to anybody else?? I think maybe i need to eat something more substantial like toast (HEB) but i dont tend to have the time!
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I think I'm the same as you. I've never been a breakfast type of person and have never gone with the idea that having breakfast fills you up till lunch - I've always found having breakfast makes me hungrier!

I'm also not a good morning person, and dont like eating breakfast at home - that's time thats better spent sleeping!

I tend to have a bowl of chopped fruit topped with fat free vanilla yoghurt sat at my desk at about 10am and call that breakfast.

What I also do though, is I have a fruitbowl at work, I bring a big bag of fruit in on a Monday, then eat fruit through the week whenever I fancy it - that way theres always some there (I used to just bring in a couple of pieces of fruit each day - but if I'm hungry and eat it all by 11am then what do I have for the rest of the day?) If i need to refill the fruitbowl midweek then so be it, I just make sure I never let it run out.

The other thing I do if I'm really hungry and fruit wont cut it, is to keep a stash of mug shots in my desk drawer - though I try not to give in too often. They may be "free" but they still have a lot of calories and are probably meant more as "free" as part of a meal, not a snack.


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I get this too! I have an Alpen about 8ish and by 12 I'm ravenous!! I've always been that way though lol xxxxx


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We had a chat about this at weigh in last week. When you dont eat breakfast your motabolism is sluggish but as soon as you eat it speeds up. So although it makes you eat more you are actually burning more calories as a result.
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hi there at the moment i am having melon and 2 weetabix for breakfast find i can last til 1 b4 i am hungry again :) good luck
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I have microwave porridge with fruit on top for my weekday breakfasts. I don't get lunch until about 3pm and do not feel hungry if I start the day with porridge. I tried All Bran one day and was starving!!!
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I eat breakfast at 7:30ish and often am starving by 10am! I eat a ton of fruit to keep me going until lunch...your not alone!


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I now take chopped grapefruit and melon,a muller light and a hi Fi bar to eat in my break at school, stops me getting the rumbles! Porridge also seems to help.
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I find protein is the best thing to stop me getting the mid morning munchies. Bacon sarnies and eggy bread are two favourites. If am in a rush will sometimes have cold chicken or ham in the car on the wy to work - odd I know but seems to work for me!


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I always get the hunger pangs really early if i eat anything sweet for breakfast (Alpen bars, hi fi bars, cereal, fruit etc) However if i eat a couple of hard boiled eggs or some cold quorn sausages (protein foods) then I am more than happy to plod through until lunch x
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hi there at the moment i am having melon and 2 weetabix for breakfast find i can last til 1 b4 i am hungry again :) good luck
This is similar to me Weetabix and in my case a coffee! - I lunch around 1pm, but keep topped up with apple, nectarine (x2) banana and a pear - healthy "snacking" at work.

I'm a little concerned/curious as to how you don't have time for even toast at breakfast though. Anyway, cereal is quicker and kick-starts my day nicely.

Good luck!


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Microwave porridge for me and then usuallyhave lunch around 12-12.30.

I find I'm hungry during the morning if I just have cereal or toast.


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