I only have a microwave...help me please folks


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Well spuds can be done in the microwave, get the microwave packs of veg, beans, have salads, make dips to have with veggie sticks urmm lots of fruit, and lean meats cold meats(if you are on red or ee)


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I make yummy scrambled eggs in the microwave at work for brekkie!

3 eggs, and a slosh of milk from my hexA in a tupperware pot, ping for 30 secs ish, stir, more time, and stir, more time and stir etc until they are puffed up and cooked, dont over cook! and you defo need the milk in it, else its minging!

You could also cook bacon and beans in the micro, so a cooked brekkie!!!



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I also do scrambled eggs in the microwave! Bacon, potatoes, beans, spaghetti. You can check tins of stuff that are ok like ravioli, spaghetti etc and as Purplesky said cold meats, salads, yogurts etc. Most veg can be steamed in a bowl with clingfilm in the microwave.
Yeah the usual baked spuds then various filling you can make like beans (in microwave ;)) or cheese or tuna etc with salads

Scrambled eggs - nice big portion of again you can have beans or plum tomatoes on the side

I know there not everyones cup of tea, but I am sure all the batcholers pasta n sauce's are all microwave friendly

urm............. I'm a bit stuck then as I only use to it to reheat things really, sorry x


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Dont know how much they are but those big electric fry pan things are great for doing chillis etc. Just plug em in


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You can cook ANYTHING in the micro. Chicken casserole
Pasta n sauces
jacket potatoes
omelettes (you can buy a little omelette maker)
& you can buy a bacon crisper too.
scrambled eggs.
chilli con carne - you would have to use the leanest of lean mince because you couldn't cook off the fat IYKWIM

you can also eat - lots of salad and fruit - defrosted prawns - tinned fish.

you can also cook salmon in your micro.

oh the possibilities.

Good luck. Let us know how you get on.


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invest in a steamer.. electric or microwave, but the electric one will let you free the micro for something else..

fish in the micro or steamer..


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Awww thanks guys. :) I forgot about my slow cooker so i have made a lovely stew. I have lived off jacket spuds, and im going to have a little look into doing the fish in the microwave with steamed veggies. Hopefully my stove will get fixed soon :)

Appreciate all of the advice