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I re-start on weds


Slowly but surely x
This is my second attempt, first attempt ruined by a nasty stomach ulcer (not caused by CD by the way). I lost 14lbs in two weeks the first time then I had to give up on doctors advice.
My CDC is coming to my house on Weds for the full re-start. I love that she can come to me........means I wont want to kop out for a weigh in if Im feeling like poopy.
Ive been reading lots of inspiring stories and feel geared up for this. Im 40 in feb and I want to look fab.
I'll keep you posted x
PS: I know the first two days are horrid with headache...how can I prepare myself for this?
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Just take one day at a time and think how good you will feel and look after a few weigh ins, i restarted yesterday after a few years ago, so i know once i get over the next 2-3 days it will get easier.
Good luck!!
Don't tell yourself they will be horrid.. .cos they might not be... and self fulfilling prophesies and all that. My first few days were fine. But don't schedule too much and just take it easy.

Good luck



Now Maintaining :)
It might not be that bad. Just drink plenty of water and stay strong and determined. It'll get easier after the first week. Good luck.
Good luck, How did your first day go yesterday? Today is my official restart day but been doing it since Tuesday and my head is starting to clear, just been drinking plenty of water!

Leah x


Slowly but surely x
Leahtm, my fist day is today darling - we can share our journey together


Slowly but surely x
Im feeling surprisingly chipper but thats only because Ive psyched myself up for two weeks to start this plan.
I tried the porridge for the first time ever and I convinced myself that I liked it but to be fair, Ive tasted better cuprinol
Lol I dared myself to try a porridge a couple of weeks ago. Thought I would try it as an alternative to my much loved choc tetras.

Hmm..the smell from the microwave as it came out turned my stomach and I couldn't bring myself to put any of it in my mouth I just touched the spoon with my tongue - well it was grim, and was last seen making friends with my dustbin.

Stay chipper lovely, it will get you through the next few days xx


Slowly but surely x
Well I hate the soups (can just about stomach the tomato). The only shakes I like are choc mint, butterscotch and tomato - the forest fruit one, last time, made me barf. I cant wait for bars because when I did CD last time, I chopped the choc orange up like a twix so I had two sticks to enjoy. So for one meal I had half a shake and half a finger of chewy bar.
I do love being SS plus as that coley fish portion gives me something to look forward to plus my beloved brocolli (which keeps me regular!). I also like cottage cheese so this diet isnt really that bad.


Slowly but surely x
oh good, its good to have a buddy with similar goals - I dont want it to be a competition but its good to compare results.
What you doing? Im on level 2 but Id prefer to be SS+. I trust my CDC as she is a trained nutritionalist and she says Ill get great results on this plan.

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