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i reallly feel like eating

I really feel like eating something! not hungry just fancy food! its my birthday tomorrow and my husbands today and i thought i would be ok! but feelin like a real bore! no meal no alcohol!! :cry::cry: i knew when i started LT it was close to my birthday but in all honesty i didnt think i would be able to stick at it for a week never mind a month! was my fourth weigh in today lost 4 lb well chuffed! was hopin for 6 to get to 2 stone off! but am happy with 4!
deb x
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I know birthdays are the time to treat yourselves but look how well you have done so far, we went to the pictures for my birthday and went bowling for my partners plus a glass or 2 of soda water with ice, I know its not as good but we still had a good night without involving food.

Hope you both have good birthdays, I am sure you can still have fun.

Jo x
ahh thanks scamp im sure we'll have a good time OH will be pissed i'll be on soda water! which is fine im just having a i feel sorry for myself day! ive had all my food for today do you reckon if i treat myself to a extra flapjack to cheer myself up it'll do any drastic harm?
deb x


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Hun, you've done 4 weeks. I know birthdays and other celebrations are hard to get through but just think, 2 stone in 5 weeks! I'm sure next week you'll deffo be over the 2 stone loss mark.
Believe me when I say you'll get over the feeling's of disappointment that you can't participate. Remember all that you want to eat will be there once you're off the diet and you can celebrate by eating whatever you want once you're off.
I wouldn't advise having an extra flapjack or anything, it could lead you into bad habits.
Just stick with it hun, you're doing fantastically well and it will be all worth it in the end.
It's already doing its magic!!

xxxxxxx :D:D:D


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Think how proud of yourself you'll be when you stay focussed!! It's one day - and there's nothing to say you can't celebrate it 'properly' when you're where you want to be! xx

Whatever you do don't have any alcohol will you? You can be REALLY ill drinking whilst in ketosis. I mean REALLY ill - it's not worth taking the chance. xx
Just think how proud you will be in the morning when you haven't eaten or drank anything and also the best thing is he will be nursing a hangover and you wont. Avoid temptation hun, you can do it. Happy Birthday to you and your Husband.


Here we go again!
Have a lovely 2 birthdays! Mine on Saturday and just carrying on with LT as if it's just another day. Will be celebrating in July whilst on holiday instead. Also anniversary 2 days later and that will be postponed too.

Good for you for planning to stay on LT, it can be hard once you've broken it and get back into it, that's why I wont risk it, don't think I would have the willpower to get back on it. Whatever you do have a great time.


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Happy Birthday to both of you. You are doing so well, please don't blow it! There will be lots more birthdays and you will be looking fantastic!x


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happy birthday! stay focused.. plenty more bdays ahead of u.. especially if u stay losing weight it'll add years onto u!