I really could use some advice, please.


S: 13st11.5lb C: 10st10.5lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 24.3 Loss: 3st1lb(22.22%)
I started slimming world in may last year so nearly 10 months in you would think that I should have a handle on this by now. I have lost 2 stone 12.5 lb so far I have 6 lb to target and have plataued. I am just stuck. The last few weeks I have gone back to basics writing everything down and food optimising 100% but nothing is happening I really need a boost, I'm getting to the end of my teather and am ready to just call it a day!
Can anyone help? Please. x
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Hi I know the feeling that has happened to me, (I remember being six weeks and not a ounce:cry:) But it will move. I know you are on slimming world and im on weightwatchers, but hang in there, what ever diet you do for some reason the body wont let go of last few pounds. Try eating a different variety of foods and see if that changes the body function. Let us know, but keep up the good work dont give in now;)


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you could try doing the red and green days instead of ee


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Try adding more calories for a few days. your body may be used to the amount of calories you have.
I aim from 1200- 1600 so by body doesnt get used to it. It worked for me, i was loosing it so slow, but this week i've lost more just through eating a bit more.


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Hello :) I've only been on my diet a few weeks and I'm losing weight soooo slowly. I was 13 stone 5.5 for 3/4 weeks and I was eating salads, meat and veg, really healthily during this time so I was really frustrated that my weight wasn't budging especially during this early stage! However, I persevered and today I got weighed and I lost 1.5lb! Yay....it's not much I know, but still 1.5lb closer towards my goal :D just thinking of the bigger picture! You've done so so well upto now, be patient because it will come off I mean look at me for example, just keep doing what you have been doing because it's obviously been working and why not measure yourself, your weight might not be shifting but your measurements might? That's what I did and I'd shifted like an inch since I'd started! Good luck :)

Edit: Just realised this is old, lmao! Hope you've lost some by now! :D
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