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i really dont want to go to my meeting thursday

I would say go to your meeting, take what is thrown at you when you step on the scales, and see it as a learning curve. It'll help you get a fresh start and a more positive week ahead. If you don't go you might think you havent put much on and continue the cycle :)


has started again!!
Please go! I remember of old, when I would have a bad week and think I would miss a weigh in, whilst plannig to be "extra good" the next week. Of course, that "by the book" week never happened and more often than not I not only gained that first week, but the next and so on. I think i have given up more times than I care to remember.

So, you CAN do this, face those scales. It may not be as bad as you imagine but if you dont go, chances are it could get worse.

hugs xxx


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You must go, otherwise you will be sitting at home wondering if it's as bad as you think and that will just drive you mad.

You have already admitted that you have had a bad week, so, take it on the chin and start again as soon as possible but try and make an extra effort. I know it's difficult but stick at it.

Good Luck xx


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You must go! I know it will take all the will power youve got but do it. I think you have to so that you can put last week behind you and start again. I speak from experience as it happened to me afew weeks ago but now back on track. I know you can do it.

Good luck


is getting better at it
thanks all, i shall be going on thursday because if i dont then i know i will not go back again, and one blip in 14 weeks is not bad i dont think
thanks again


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You have to go, otherwise your bad week will turn into a bad fortnight and you wont go again and before you know it all your hard work has gone out of the window and you're back to where you started, or worse!!

Face the scales, they don't bite and you know why you've gained this week and not making excuses for it. :grouphugg:

good luck and keep your chin up


Life is not a Rehersal!
Agree with everyone...and glad you have decided to go.

Denial is the worst thing ever in my opinion....we think it doesnt matter and then we lose that momentum of accountability and bang, before we know it a stone has gone back on again! So, yes, face the music...best to know and then you will be armed with what you need to do to get back on track.

And, one blip in 14 weeks is very good....dont beat yourself up! We still have to live and take the rough with the smooth, so just dust yourself down and dont look back..just keep looking forward to your next goal.

Good luck for tomorrow and let us know how you get on.


has started again!!
So glad you are going now, it will be worth it in the long run, honest. Things worth doing are so rarely easy....but consider the end result!!

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