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I really need some support right now :(


Skinny girl in a fat body
It's taken me ages to decide to write this.

As some of you may know, this diet has not always come easy to me. Some of you can do this 100% SS but I have not always managed to stick to it 100%. I have not done TOO bad though, I have managed to lose 34lb in 11 weeks. Not very good by some of the standards on here, but I've done it.

Anyway, I am 8lb from my goal of 10st 7lb (I will probably drop that to 10st once I reach 10st 7lb). Last night I went to my friends house party. I was the talk of the place, some people honestly didn't recognise me and I felt G R E A T!!

My problem is this - the more people are saying how good I look, and how amazing a difference there is, the more I am eating:cry:. I cannot stop myself. I know what I am doing, I just can't stop. I have only got 3 weeks today until my holiday, I can't afford to spoil it now. Even though I am aware of it, I can't seem to curb my eating:cry::cry:. I want people to compliment me in one way, and I dont want it in another, do you know what I mean? I am even panicing as I am writing:wave_cry:. So, I've got 20 days beginning tomorrow, I NEED to get back on track.

So, got the scales out of the boot of the car and I've put 2lb since Wednesday. My weigh in is two days early next week becasue my CDC is going on holiday for 17 days. I get weighed on Monday:cry:.

HELP - what can I do to get back into this? I haven't had a 'meal' - I've just picked but I know I have to nip it in the bud NOW. Sorry to be a pain, I just need to admit what I am doing and hope you girls will give me the kick up the a**e I need x
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Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Mia, that's exactly what happened to me when I last lost loads of weight. The more people complimented me the more i started to feel better about myself the more I ate. I was suprised this time when it didn;t happen.

Keep your holiday in mind. You're doing really, really well xxx

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
....I think it was because I was prepared for it. Nice to have compliments along the way but told myself to stay focused and keep going xxx


Stubborn tortoise
I think even just posting about it will get it clear in your head what you are doing. You have done SO well Mia. I know it has been a struggle, but you have got this far... please keep going. You are in control, you call the shots... you can do this. Big hugs and stay strong.



WILL be Slim!
i did that last year, the more confident i becuase with the weight loss, the more people noticed and then the more complacent i got! It was a slippery slope from there hun and i am doing CD now becuase i put 3.5 stone back on!
Admission is the first part of moving on hun!
Your so hard on yourself, you've done super and you should be proud of your achievements....just dont let the weight go back on hun!!!


likes to post
Mia I know exactly how you feel because what you described is me to a t. I've not had a meal etc I've just picked and I can't seem to stop myself. you've just got to keep strong and don't give in, and try your best to get back in gear


Cambridge Consultant
Hey hon...
You have done so well hon.. losing 34 lbs is a fantastic loss... Your holiday is so near... I never forget when I joined this I remember seeing a post from you mentioning your holiday.. and your so nearly there... You are going to feel great on the beach and really confident and so much better than before you started on cd..
So chin up and be proud of yourself.. Enjoy the compliments.. but carry on..... cause you so nearly there hon xxxxxxxx


Silver Member
You have done fabulously Mia but what you need to do is to accept these compliments and everytime you get one you need to say to your self. " i look fabulous" "i'm going to stay fabulous" and focus your mind on being fabulous and everytime you go to nibble or have something off plan tell yourself "this is not going to keep me fabulous" and drink some water. Have you tried the siz sachet trick by splitting your sachets down to 6 shakes or soups a day so you are grazing. This may help your temptation as you may feel satisfied longer. In 20 days time we will all be waving the "fabulous Mia" off on her well earned holiday. YOU CAN DO THIS if i can do it you can hon i have the will power of a boiled egg.

Muchas Lovas and huggles

Lisa xxx


Gold Member
Well done for your honesty and openness, Mia..

don't know if this'll be helpful... but it's what I'm doing for me at the mo...

I really can relate to that 'feeling trapped' feeling.. I have times when I feel like I don't have a choice about my actions, because my feelings 'overpower' me.

what I ask myself is this:

this is a behaviour/rule for living, that I have developed over many years, and has served me well..

if I am sad/tired/angry/hurt/lonely/scared/unsure/insecure/worried/vulnerable... then.. I must eat and it will
a) comfort me
b) mean that I don't need other people because I can look after myself
c) protect me from risk/hurt/vulnerability
d) be a way of experiencing love.. that I love myself by giving myself food...

(I suspect we all have some kind of list like this, or rules for living that have helped us deal with our emotions, but also helped us to put on weight)...

and my question, at those difficult times when I turn to food:

"This is a brilliant and finely tuned behaviour I have developed to protect myself.. what AM I feeling? Truly? (at that moment).. what AM I scared of/angry about (etc..)"


"How can I feel safe/loved/secure/calm?"

-what methods have I developed to feel ok? (apart from the brilliant method of comfort eating)

(and, if it's boredom that feels too painful to experience, then, "what am I frightened of, about being bored?".. "what can I not take about it?")

so.. that's me.. that's what I've been doing to help me recognise the gap between

my emotions
my thoughts
my physical sensations
and my behaviour...

I suspect that unpicking this different aspects of my experience will help me to untangle myself and regain some freedom from feeling so trapped... it seems to be helping quite a bit so far....

All the best, Mia.. hope you find your solutions :)

hi mia, firstly, you have done really well. it dosent matter if you reach goal the same as everyone else, the important thing is, you are doing it and you are learning from it,.... In the begining, I was losing at aa great pace, but now (and Im only half way there) Im slowing down. My losses are small, but consistant. It is soooo hard to carry on sometimes when you see everyone else with big woosh every other week isnt it? But, no I never get it and i know you seem to be the same. but YOU ARE GETTING THERE!!! Ya, it feels great to get the compliments but you also need to stay focused through it all. Take the compliment with a pinch of salt, it is delivered with well wishes but recieved as a piece of pie!!! (and that is fattening) I have lost 4 st, since laast xmas and some people cant believe im the same person when they see me,. My reply is always "thank you so much but I have a bit more to go", and I say this out loud to remind myself that " I have a bit more to go"(in my case half way there). MIA, dont sabbaatoge your efforts, you are so very close. I wont tell you to go up a step coz I know you have struggled with that(as I did)

just remember it takes 3500 calories to gain 1 lb (or take it off in reverse). so your 1 pick couldnt have possibly been that many calories, its when 1 pick turns into many picks that the weight goes back on. the 2 lb gain is therefore water weight which will come off in a couple days if you stop picking. try to assess the calories in each pick(not saying you should pick) and limit the damage, work them off with extra exercise etc... It is calories that put weight on(and the calories in fatty foods are ususally more dense), the carbs just tend to add water weight. If you burn 4 calories you get rid of 1 carb, so if you can burn off 200 cals you will burn off 50 carbs.... now this may be boring but I find it helpful if I pick because I can assess the damage and put some effort into getting rid of the evil I have done...

Stay strong, really luv your holiday is just around the corner. I propose a mini challenge, you and me... 20 days...8-9lbs down. Are you up for it with me? this will keep me focused too? But i will push you!!! Let me know, starting NOW"


Skinny girl in a fat body
Thank you very much for all the replies. They must have taken a lot of time and effort to write and I appreciate that.

Denise, I have sent you a PM and yes, I will take you up on your offer. Lets do it! Starting tomorrow. I need to eat on 10th July becasue I go away that evening so have to prepare my body with some carbs (planning on a chicken dinner at Morrisons with the girls from work - so the roast potatoes will count as my carbs :) - better than fish and chips I think).

I love all your ideas and solutions and I keep coming back and reading these posts when I feel I am weakening. Thank again all - Miriam xx

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