I really want to join you guy's...


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Hello :wave_cry:
I'm still here, reading your fab posts and hearing about your 1st week losses :clap:
You know i just knew it when i came off in November for my husbands birthday celebrations that it would be tough to get back on! I decided to 'enjoy' all the christmas festivities and have a break...Knowing i would be back in Jan i just ate like i had to make the most of the food??!! Dumb i know only to be back with a starting weight almost a stone heavier than last time! Last week i tried two days to restart and by tea time had caved in! I feel yuk at the moment, i know if i can only be strong i will have fab weight losses too...i have 6 days worth left and so am going to restart tomorrow, wish me luck cos it's doing my self confidence no good what's so ever...hope to post more positive posts during the week :) xx
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hey slimmertomorrow,,welcome back,, glad your getting yourself in the right frame of mind you can do it..remember its not forever just for a little while!!...reading the posts always helps me so hopefully itll have the same desired affect for you!..best of luck on your restart,,you will do it..YOU CAN DO IT!!...x

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Believe in yourself! Not believing in yourself is not helping you honey. Get that head sorted, know that you are worth it and most of all....



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Hiya Chick!!!

Just you make sure your ready to start again otherwise you will keep cracking by tea time!!

But you did it before and you WILL do it again when the time is right!!

Best of luck xxx

irish molly

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You are sittling on the fence for too long!!!!!!! Stop finding excuses. Do this for yourself. You deserve the best for yourself.
I know you have found it hard to start back. If you start tomorrow, start with drinking plenty of water. Take your shakes later in the day so you will be less tempted to cave in. Keep drinking water all day!!! It really helps.
Make your mind up to NOT fail this time. Be strong. We are all sending positive vibes to you.


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best of luck on restart today is my first wi after 1 week back and the feeling is amazin and i dont just mean the weight loss i havent wi yet, but the bloated feeling is gone and as scots said "i walk with my head high instead of looking down at ground"
as chelly said make sure your mind is on it, i tried a few times to restart in nov, couldnt do it, but i'm sooooooooooo happy to be back now

best of luck :)


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Best of luck for today! Be determined, bloody minded and, just this once, do something for YOU. You deserve it.

Be strong, drink loads of water and start to be slimmer today, not tomorrow.



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I have only been doing LT this time round for 2 weeks tomorrow and today i put a freshly washed pair of jeans on that just slid on!! I feel so nice today in my clothes for first time in ages!
2 weeks ago i had to jump up and down to get in them, even when they had been worn a few times and they cut me in two all day. Hope that story will spur you on and help you when it gets tough. Good luck starting today, let us all know how you are getting on later.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
S: 21st0lb C: 12st12lb G: 12st12lb BMI: 27.4 Loss: 8st2lb(38.78%)
Hey, hope you have started off well today. Keep up the water. Drink plenty of hot drinks if you are feeling chilly. Have your shake and a glass of water before you get the family meals. This way you will be less inclined to snack or break down. Lots of luck!!!!


5 stone to go!
hey slimmertomorrow, hope this morning is going ok for you,,,keep up the water intake and just try and sit back and relax for the day..water is the key to any headaches as well...this is the first day of a slimmer happier you...keep it up sweetie,,,x


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arrh you guy's are so nice...thankyou!
I've got thru day one, feeling much more positive today for the first time in ages...you'll be seeing a lot more (or should that be less?!) of me from now on xxxxx