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i should be happy but am not


i love minimins me :)
jus been to get weighed nd have only lost 3lb this week, am not that happy cos i have been havin aroun 10 pints of water a day and 30 mins walkin and hour swimmin 3 times this week and not cheated once, there is pyhsically nothin else i cud do to loose weight, i have lost 7 inches this week tho although 3 were from my bust :(

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Stacey, 7inch lose fabby dabby dozzy and 3lb is excellent. Can understand your frustration though as you have put in so much hard work you would think that you would have lost a few extra lbs, especially if this was your 1st week of this type of training. Maybe your weight lose will be higher next week when everything catches up. Perhaps your poor bods in shock:eek:

Dont forget also that with exercise you stimulate your metobolic rate and this continues after you have finished your exercising:Dwoo hoo. so like I said it could show next week on the scales.

Give it a little time hun. xx


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But babe, 3lb is really good!!!! That's a stone a month if you keep that up - you'd be at your target weight by the end of August!!!

KEEP GOING!!!!! wooop wooop wooop!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How are you feeling now you've lost OVER A STONE? Can you start to notice it in your clothes yet?

Hi Stacey,
I think that's the problem with CD - we expect mega losses every week ! 3 lbs is great -and 7 ins WOW. Be patient and you'll see a pattern emerging. My CDC says that often people lose in 2 week cycles and I've found that happens to me. I might lose 1 -2 lbs one week then 6 lbs the next!


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Hi Stacey

Week 3 is known to be a slow loss week for many, no idea why. If you read back on loads of threads you'll see a similar pattern that people are disappointed with their week 3 loss.

Saying that, 3 lbs is brilliant and I'm sure you will see the benefits of your hard work next week.

You're doing so well, keep your chin up

Jazzy x


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Hi Stacey

I know where your coming from. I was always a little disappointed with a 3lb loss, but unfortunately that was every other week for me. I agree with Anne-Marie, I think the loss goes in cycles, I would lose 3lb then the next week 4lb, so I averaged 7lb/ 1/2 stone every fortnight.

Try not to be disappointed, next week will probably be more. All the exercise is obviously working for you to lose so many inches, and remember muscle weighs heavier than fat!!!

You're doing brilliantly:D :D :D Well done.



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i got weighed last wednesday and i had lost 2lb
i to thought it would have been at least 4lb
as long as the inches are coming off we must keep smiling

kaz :D
That's amazing and probably "little and often" is the best and safest way to keep it off. Also you will probably have a bigger loss next week.
You should be shouting from the rooftops!! :)
Happy Monday to you and everyone
S xxx
Keep it up your doing great

Hi im Louise im a cdc
some people loose pounds and some loose inches
if you have lost 3lb and 7 inches this week then thats a good result keep up the good work

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Hi Stacey

I know it can be disheartening at times & the going can get tough. I'm really struggling at the moment....

You've had a great loss & great inches losses, hang in there babe...xxx:hug99:
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WOW that is an amazing inch loss. It seems so strange how alot of people have a small loss one week then the next a big loss. I am one of those people..this week i lost 3lb, last week 9lb the week before that 2lb so i am due a big loss next week..(fingers cross) give it a few more weeks and you will start to see a pattern forming in how you lose the weight from one week to the next.


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