I should not have got on the scales!

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by JodieJoJo, 19 August 2007 Social URL.

  1. JodieJoJo

    JodieJoJo Silver Member

    I'm so silly.............

    I thought I would sneak on the scales this evening as it has been 3 days since my wi - was expecting maybe a pound or two loss.....

    OMG:eek: i have put on 3 and a half pounds! Got abit of a shock as that hasn't happened to me since i started. I know its my totm but i have been eating loads of chewing gum lately and I'm wondering if I've overdone it:confused:

    I know I must not dwell on it and just wait until my official wi on Thursday but it's still depressing!
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  3. silhouettes

    silhouettes Silver Member

    TOTM can deffinitely have an effect. I often retain about 5lbs of water during this time. afraid i dont know about the chewing gum
  4. crewboi83

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    Altho I dont have the curse of TOTM, I did get on the scales today and I have lost a few lbs... not enough! Ive lost about 1lb a day so far... and today is sunday dinner day! please someone tell me this is gonna b worth it, i have felt fine all day (day 4) and at this minute i cud just think "right... bugger it, get the oven on"
  5. Maz35

    Maz35 Full Member

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    well done for being strong, i get too scared to weigh myself in case i don't like what i see and binge :( you are doing great and Thu you are bound to have lost weight! Keep it up x
  6. Mini

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    Don't forget that you have been drinking loads of water and one litre weighs 1kg. That is 2.2lbs.

    Keep off the scales:scale:
  7. Porgeous

    Porgeous Chilling

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    Try not to worry JodieJo I am sure it is just a bit of water retention because of your TOTM. Not sure on the chewing gum but instinct would tell me that it couldn't cause a 3lb gain, much more likely water retention.

  8. Sambucca

    Sambucca Gold Member

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    Oh Jodie, if you have just weighed yourself now, at this time of the day, you will be heavier due to all the water you have had during the day. What time of day is your official weigh in?

    TOTM really affects my losses too, and my mood. Came very very close to packing it all in this week, but have managed to get through it and today my resolve is 100% again.

    Stick with it JO. If you are sticking to the plan then you are burning fat. Pure and simple.
  9. sophia-jo

    sophia-jo Silver Member

    aaaaw sweetie,... it's bad isn't it?? I got on the scales before too...I'm just coming to the end of my TOTM aswell and I have one day left (tomorrow) on aam week,,,,my scales seem to have gone up too :mad: Simple fact is we're eating much less than we usually would (before CD) so we are bound to still be burning off fat...and we all know that water retention is rife around this time for us....try to keep your chin up sweetie,,,and if we don't have a loss in our official weigh in (mine is tomorrow) then we can rest assured that we will have a decent one the following week...how could we not do??
    Chin up sweetie, I'm thinking of you xxxx

    xx sj xx:character00238::character00238::character00238:
  10. nicola444

    nicola444 Full Member

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    Try not to be too disheartened you have done really well so far and like Sophia-Jo said even if you dont lose this week you will lose a lot next week, just dont let this take you off course of where you want to be.

    Remember you have the power to get to where you want to be and you are in control.
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