Not just another re-start


New Member
So, here I go again!

I'll start properly with a bit about my weightloss. Since 2017 I have lost just over 4st. Mainly in the first 3 months of 2017 using exante!!! Since then I have been on and off, never really gaining or losing and mucking about. (Which proves that you don't put it all straight back on as some seem to think!)
I've got another 5st to lose and at the age of 40, I know I need to do it sharpish!!🙄🤣
I began TS 100% again yesterday properly after a few weeks of mucking about so I'm not expecting a great first loss but I absolutely have to stick to it and I'm hoping that along the way, I may give others a bit of motivation too as I know that seeing others successes is something that always helps me!!
So, feel free to follow my diary, (I'm not even sure if I've put it in the right place🤣) and hopefully being here will help both me and everyone that reads this, through our journeys!

Here we go again!.....
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