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Hi Guys
(3rd week of CD - SS)

Don't feel too well today :cry:- reason being I ate a pizza last night and I feel so guilty today and my stomach is gurgling like mad. :sick0019: I know I shouldn't have done it but I was having a really stressful day - (thought I had lost my partners wallet and he had to cancel all his cards - it eventually turned up though).

I don't know why I ate it - I certainly didn't like the feeling afterwards - felt sick and full. But I am back on the diet again today and drinking loads of water - hoping that it won't affect my weight loss for this week - have til Wednesday to get rid of it!

The good thing about this is that I've managed to get back on the diet the next day - before I started CD I would have just given up and would have carried on eating.

Oh well that's off my chest now (can't believe I even admitted to eating it as well). Where's that water!!
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Well done for getting straight back on it. Draw a line under it and move on Sassy - its only a small blip and you should be pleased you went straight back on it and didnt think sod it for the rest of the week.

P x
Wow i feel exactly the same, im in my third week too, and yesterday went to my cousins and had some food, all vegi's and stuff, but quite abit, anyway i came home thinking im gonna be good and start again tomorrow, than i see Pizza, and it looked so damm good and waited for everyone to go and had two pieces, i feel so bad, im back on track today and will be stronger, i was just pissed that i didnt have any of the wee things left to check if im still K...
Hope i am, ...xx


please try again
hi sassy, well done on getting straight back to it
its probebly acctually a good thing that you can admit to it, its out in the open so guilty feelings can go youve aceppted youve done it and moved on now
The most important thing is that you have got straight back on it with a really positive attitude - well done! There will be hiccups along our journeys and having the strength to continue and move on is wonderful.

This diet has really changed my attitude towards food in a good way! I am really surprised and proud of myself for not falling off the wagon:)

I'm feeling quite ill still - lethargic and tired. Lets just say I won't be eating pizza for quite a while:D

Thanks again for all your support - it really does help;)
I agree with all that's already said.

The next time you wanna eat, try to concentrate on the thought of how you will feel afterwards!!!!!!!!!

i did good today, mum cooked an amazing lunch, so while everyone was eating i jumped in the shower so by the time i was finished so were they, hardest was i had friends around me eating chips and burger... i was drowlingggggg but staied strong and enjoyed my 3 shakes...

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